Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

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In a dark metal hue, The Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk is made of mild steel rings linked together to create a long sleeve style that protects its wearer from the torso down to the thighs and throughout the length of the arm. A slit in the front skirt portion allows for greater movement in battle, making this armour both practical and protective. Each of its butted, mild steel rings is interlocked with four other rings for a 4-in-1 design. The armpits are reinforced with riveted rings to help them withstand the stress of typical movement. Chemically colored a dark hue, the Black Alaraic Chainmail Hauberk is a handcrafted piece that may feature slight, natural variations in its appearance. Perfect for LARP characters of a wicked nature or for portraying a dark medieval knight, the Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk is best worn over a gambeson for an authentic look and safe, comfortable wear.

Key Features

  • Long sleeve hauberk style
  • Covers body down to thighs
  • Interlocked, 4-in-1 butted ring construction
  • Armpits reinforced with riveted rings
  • Chemical coloration for darkened look
  • Great for medieval reenactment and LARP


  • Made from gun-blued 16 gauge mild steel
  • Made using 9mm rings


  • Small: 39.4 Inch Length, 34.6 Inch Circumference, 17.7 Inch Sleeve Length
  • Medium: 38.6 Inch Length, 46.5 Inch Circumference, 18.5 Inch Sleeve Length
  • Large: 43.3 Inch Length, 51.2 Inch Circumference, 17.7 Inch Sleeve Length
  • X-Large: 47.2 Inch Length, 55.1 Inch Circumference, 17.7 Inch Sleeve Length

Measurements are approximate.

1 review for Black Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

  1. Gabriel O.

    Fit great over my Arthur gambeson and is looking good with a few pieces of the dark warrior set and my squared tabard. Great quality only a few links have fallen out in the year that I’ve had it which is an easy fix with a set of pliers.

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