RFB Viking Leather Greaves

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Sailing the Seven Seas leads the Norse warrior to lands unexplored. Adventure and riches await the courageous Viking raider. Prepare yourself for many unforgettable battles and unexpected challenges with the RFB Viking Greaves. Chrome-tanned leather bands form a diagonal weave pattern on the outer segment. Stitched edging reinforces each shin guards structure and design. Fit the greaves comfortably and securely over padding with the two adjustable buckle straps at the back. Complete the defense and style of your character by combining the RFB Viking Greaves with the RFB Viking Bracers.

Looking for the matching pieces of this armour? Create the complete look with our RFB Viking Leather Armour Set (ARMOUR-L21), which includes the RFB Viking Leather Greaves alongside the other pieces to this armour set.

Key Features:

  • A Ready for Battle line piece of armor
  • Handmade from 7-8 oz. chrome-tanned leather bands
  • Features a segmented design with diagonal weave pattern
  • Customized fit with two adjustable buckle straps
  • Raises your defense on the LARP battleground
  • Sold as a pair


  • Crafted from chrome-tanned split-leather
  • Fittings are brass

LengthCalf WidthAnkle WidthCalf CircumferenceAnkle Circumference
Medium11.8 inches11.5 inches8.5 inches12.3-19 inches11-17 inches

4 reviews for RFB Viking Leather Greaves

  1. Kelly G.

    Great item, exactly as described. The medium fits me (165 pounds) whether its on my bare skin or on top of a leather boot. This item exactly matches the coloring on the RFB Armor and Bracers.

  2. Gavin G.

    The pictures are not very color accurate. I got the brown version: the leather is much more of a dark, reddish brown than the greenish brown in the pictures. I don’t mind it though, I like the darker brown.

    The straps are a bit annoying though. The holes are not the same for both of the greaves, so they end up feeling kind of uneven when I wear them.

    But, aside from that, they look amazing.

  3. Brooskie (verified owner)

    These greaves match the other set armor pieces well. Overall, these are great pieces of leg armor.

  4. acellewllits99 (verified owner)

    I actually find these better used as bracers than greaves for me because they are larger and can cover the whole forearm and past.

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