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The Medieval Hosen or pants were generally accepted male fashion for most of the Middle Ages and Renaissance Era. These medieval hosen are made of 100% Cotton and are taper cut with a drawstring waist, button fly, and tied front closure. The drawstring is nylon, while the buttons are plastic. These pants are available in black and brown. Whether you are a peasant, squire or knight, these pants should be a basic staple in your medieval wardrobe. These are a truly versatile piece that is a must have for anyone who enjoys going to fairs, re-enacting, or LARPing.

Made by GDFB.

Key Features:

  • Drawstring Waist
  • Available In Brown and Black
  • Tied Front Closure with a Buttoned Fly
  • Tapered Cut


  • Made of 100% Pure Cotton
  • Drawstring is nylon
  • Buttons are plastic

Medium34 inches39.25 inches30.5 inches
Large36 inches40.25 inches31.5 inches
X-Large38 inches42.25 inches32.5 inches
XX-Large40 inches43.25 inches33.5 inches

22 reviews for Medieval Hosen

  1. Erich B.

    These pants were just right for me. I previously bought(and returned) a pair from another Ren Site – but they were more of a Halloween Costume outfit company – well the pants I got were so sheer – I was afraid to use them for my 4 days at the Ren faire fencing booth. I ordered these and crossed my fingers – these are about a “middleweight” cotton and are sturdy enough to hold up to real use.The tailoring quality is pretty good unlike some other pants I looked at in Faire booths. I’d say yes – it is a safe bet to get these. They worked well tucked into my knee height boots also.

  2. Meagan W.

    We were able to order my husband’s entire outfit for our wedding in one place and couldn’t be happier! The hosen fit him perfectly!

  3. Jonathan B.

    They’re comfortable pants that look good. There is a drawstring, so don’t be afraid to order a size larger to get a good length on the leg.

  4. Samantha J.

    I got the pants on the bigger size, glad i did. Washed them and they shrunk about 2 sizes.

  5. Dustin D.

    Hard to mess this up lol although I am glad a have a long tunic

  6. Maria S.

    Very basic but nice looking cotton pants. Very comfortable. At 5’10” I need to hem the medium as the inseam is too long.

  7. Tony K.

    These pants are great! No problems with them. I ordered a pair for me & my sons. I got a larger size for us thinking they would shrink in the wash like a previous reviewer had said. But, they didn’t shrink much. My fault, not the pants’ fault. The drawstrings took care of the extra room we now have in the waist. (I guess that means we can eat more at the Ren Fests.) They are quite comfortable & tuck into our boots nicely. I even wear them around the house because they feel light & breezy–like hospital scrubs. The material & stitching seem durable & authentic to the time period without looking like they wear made from a burlap bag. The crotch rides a little high, but you can wear them a little lower & cover it up with a shirt. The only downside I can come up with is that they are really overpriced. Otherwise, it’s a good quality product sold by the good people of Medieval Collectibles.

  8. Garth W.

    I ordered these hosen with the classic knight’s shirt. Both items were true to size and did not appear to shrink when washed in cold water. I am quite satisfied with this product and recommend them to anyone starting, or adding, to their wardrobe.

  9. n.kenekgrady (verified owner)

    A pair of black pajama bottoms or some sort of drawstring track pants would be just as good when it comes to fit and authenticity unfortunately.

  10. Joseph McClain (verified owner)

    True to size. Would be nice to have a loose fit option.

  11. Kavalore (verified owner)

    Very nice pants. as Mr. Tony K. noted, they feel very light, and are comfortable pants. Only thing of note I can give is that if your hips are a bit on the larger side, it might be a tight fit. They do fit my fine, but I need to work a little to get the buttons (maybe time for a diet to be fair), but other than that the pants are very comfortable, light, and I feel they would pair well with many an outfit.

  12. nils.olson (verified owner)

    These are probably one of my best pieces of garb. They are very period looking, and the button fly with drawstring waist make the super comfortable. I wear these with my longbow outfit, but they will go with lots of different outfits from different periods.

  13. risingbun (verified owner)

    These are actually pretty nice, decent quality pants. They dont feel “costumey” at all. Though the brown does look lighter in person than it did on my screen, but not a big deal.

  14. davidliszeski (verified owner)

    I ordered a pair of the hotel to pair with a Royal doublet that I ordered. I know that a knight is more worthy to wear something higher end than these, but they did the job, and they survived being sprinted in, while being outdoors, and constantly getting strikes with a foam great sword.

  15. Evan Hammerlund (verified owner)

    Good pants with a snug fit. These are really well made.

  16. aakuehn1 (verified owner)

    I bought a Black pair of these in Size XL six years ago from MC & the pants have been on many Ren Fests & wooden plank benches since then. They’re STILL going strong. No issues at all. I was hoping they’d wear out quickly so I could get a smaller size to see if the fit was better. My jeans say I’m a Size 33 waist, but a tape measure says I have a 36-inch waist. So, I should be wearing a Large in this product. But, after having the XL for so long, I’ve found that they look & feel just fine! I prefer the slightly looser fit. It allows me to wear long underwear on cooler days, if the need arises. Even though the material is cotton, they didn’t shrink too much in the dryer, as you’d expect. Another bonus is that the pants almost feel & look like they’re made of linen. They’re not uncomfortable to wear on hot days at all. That’s why I’ve recently bought an XL pair in Brown. They’re just like my Black pair from 6 years ago. Same breathable material, same comfortable feel & fit, same durable quality….only in Brown. The Brown is a little lighter than I expected, but is not drastic, by any means. These are great pants to have for just about any outfit. Happy to have them in both colors now.

  17. Anthony Brittingham (verified owner)

    These pants are fantastic! I ordered the XXL based on the measuring guide and they were quite loose. After washing them and letting them run through the dryer they shrunk down to fit me perfectly. If you prefer to air dry it may be better to buy a size down. Otherwise these are amazing!

  18. Cambo (verified owner)

    Perfect fit

  19. mullercamden (verified owner)

    No size small so it was a bit large around the waist, however it is very easy to adjust the size. Very light and breathable as well, perfect for summer!

  20. forsakencrusader3 (verified owner)

    This will do in a pinch,
    There are features of these that I like: An extra layer of lining is given about the “pants” area of these trousers, there seems to be a wooden button to keep them shut, and they are quite breathable, yet made of strong canvas. I object only to the fact that they seem to short at the end of the legs.

  21. namelessxiii (verified owner)

    Very comfortable, light, and well fitting.

  22. marshy-chuckle09 (verified owner)

    Really nice clothing. Nice cotton feel and pants seem very well made. There is even a “liner” near the waist. The do have a fairly high rise on the inseam so they definitely have a “fitted” feel to them.

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