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These 15th Century Pants have a drop front opening with leather ties for closure. These pants are authentic to the Medieval Era and are made of wool. Our 15th Century Pants come in sizes Large to XX-Large and come in Natural or Brown. Since these pants are made of wool they will keep your legs warm during the winter months.

Key Features:

  • Drop Front Opening
  • Authentic To Medieval Times
  • Leather Ties
  • Made of Wool

Waist Outseam Inseam
Large 37 inches 41.25 inches 31.5 inches
X-Large 38.5 inches 42.5 inches 32 inches
XX-Large 40 inches 43 inches 32.5 inches

4 reviews for 15th Century Pants

  1. Nate S.

    These are great quality and very nice looking. I am impressed.

  2. Zachary H.

    First thing about these pants, the tailoring is excellent. The seams are top-notch and the cut is correct for the 1400s. If you’re going for a period-accurate outfit for somewhere near the 15th century, these are perfect.

    Second thing, they’re made of real wool, and it’s thick. Some people are bothered by wearing wool, some aren’t. Know whether you can wear wool or not before purchasing. If you’re wool sensitive, you will itch like never before. If not, you’ll find that these pants breathe well and work on both warm and chilly days. They are especially good at keeping you warm even if they get rained on.

    The last thing is, the sizes are very close in cut. You can see from the size chart that the difference between large and x-large is not very much. With the sizes they offer, they can fit men’s size 34 (somewhat loose in a large) to about men’s size 40. (very snug in a xxl) If you’re debating between two sizes, get the larger of the two. You’ll appreciate the extra room for moving about.

  3. Randolph (verified owner)

    Five stars? Probably. They fit well, and do seem very well-made. I am 5’10” and 170 (I could use more exercise!) and the Large fit as if they were custom-tailored. The material is, as ZH says, quite thick. I haven’t worn them to any events as yet; if they hold up, then they are an excellent value for the price..

  4. Duke of Gloucester (verified owner)

    I’d start off by saying that for the price and for what’s out there, they are pretty good. Especially since the only other places I could find this style trousers were for double if not triple the price.
    I do like these trousers but there are some problems I had with it that prevent me from giving it 5-stars. Those problems were:

    1) The crotch area to the top of the waist is pretty small. I’m 5’11” with an athletic build and a 32 waist. So granted I’m a bit under sized for the suggested sizes. But these trousers are meant for larger sized men so I’m surprised there would be so little room from crotch to waist. Now I will say, I am endowed with a more pronounced gluteus maximus haha, so that may have added to the problem. But in my personal opinion the trousers would have benefitted from a taller waist line. Though this may have just been for historical purposes.

    2) I’ve only worn these pants 1 time and already the fabric material on the thighs seem to be piling up and linting a lot! And I only had some pouches around my belt. And no shirt or jacket going below the waist line to rub against it. So it went from a very neat and clean look to a very raggedy look with only one time use. Not too sure how it will look for years of use down the line.

    3) The waist needs a better tightening mechanism. And again, granted, it is made for larger men, but there is just no efficient way to keep them tight around your waist with just these 2-leather ties in the front, even if you are a larger man with a larger waist. So I jerry-rigged an elastic band through the inside to work as an internal synching belt and this helped the pants exponentially! So I highly recommend doing this if it’s falling down a lot or if those leather ties aren’t offering enough support when walking around a faire.

    Still I will say I don’t regret my purchase, because you honestly can’t find this style or medieval trousers anywhere else for this low of a price.

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