Planning a Medieval Wedding

Planning a Medieval Fantasy Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a lot to consider. From the clothing to the guests and the decor, you have a lot to think about. For a medieval or fantasy wedding, you have even more to plan. In this article, we hope to help you get some ideas for creating your big day, no matter if you wish to go all out on a medieval fantasy theme or just want to add some fun touches to your wedding here and there.

Medieval Wedding Outfits

Let’s start with the core items of a wedding, regardless of where you decide to have it: the clothing. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a large medieval wedding or are planning an elopement, you can still have that medieval touch for your wedding outfits. A medieval wedding dress can be considerably more affordable than a conventional one from a bridal boutique. For example, the Formal Medieval Wedding Dress and the Hooded Medieval Wedding Dress are elegant choices and much more affordable than conventional dresses.

Your bridesmaids also have a lovely range of dresses to choose from, such as any of the Hooded Sorceress Gowns or the Classic Peasant Dress. Of course, with medieval dresses, you should remember to grab the proper undergarments like a petticoat. If you would like more modern dresses with that medieval touch, why not add a medieval waist cincher? The items from the brand Your Dressmaker can be customized to your specific measurements for a fee, starting at $25. Just contact us if you have any questions regarding customization.

For the groom’s side, there are so many options, such as wearing a simple cloak or doublet for that medieval feel. Even a fancy gambeson could work for both the groom and the groomsmen. A groom may choose to wear some armour to become a knight for their wedding. These are all great options.

What about the little ones in charge of the rings and flowers? Well, we have options for your medieval flower girl or fantasy wedding ring bearer as well. Just like the adults in the wedding party, they could wear a cute cape or full medieval outfit. We have a range of children’s clothing.

Accessories and Footwear for a Medieval Wedding

To complete your medieval outfits, do not forget about your head or toes. We have a range of medieval boots and shoes to choose from. In addition, there are many tiaras, crowns, and even elegant bun covers to look at. Of course, you can also add some medieval-themed jewelry pieces, like a lovely necklace or pair of earrings. For a more knight-themed wedding, you could carry a sword or dagger at your side. The Caledfwlch Sword is a popular choice. Some couples even choose to cut their cake with a sword.

A Medieval Wedding Banquet

For a wedding banquet, there are two parts: the food and the dining ware. We are going to focus on the tablescapes and dining ware here. If you are interested in some ideas for historical food to serve, we have articles on a plan for a medieval Thanksgiving.

Meanwhile, when it comes to your dinnerware, you have a lot of options. You could choose to go rustic or much fancier. Mixing and matching modern pieces with medieval ones is a great idea. For that, you could have ceramic plates with medieval tankards, or vice versa with wooden plates but modern drinkware. Really, as long as you stick to medieval materials such as ceramic, wood, brass, and horn, you should be able to find items that will work for your theme.

In addition, you can choose to do a more medieval theme for just the wedding party or go full out for all of the guests. This will depend on your wedding size and budget. Do what suits you and is comfortable for you. For more medieval inspiration, read up on some Medieval Style in a Modern Holiday Feast. Of course, a tablescape is more than just silverware and drinkware. There are also the decorations on the table.

Medieval and Fantasy Wedding Tablescapes

How you decorate the rest of the table will depend on your theme. Is your theme fairytale-inspired or is it more historical? Regardless, there are a few things to consider. Lighting is one aspect that should be thought of for any wedding banquet. An old-fashioned lantern or candlestick will surely add a medieval touch to a table. In addition, you can choose to use either real candles or LED ones for safety. A lantern may even make a romantic accessory for your bridal party to hold during the ceremony.

Maybe you have a particular wine or bottled beverage that you wish to drink at your wedding. You can use a romantic bottle holder for both style and functionality at your table. What about centerpieces? For these common table decorations, flowers are traditional options that work for any theme. In addition, if you would prefer something natural but would like something a bit different than flowers, perhaps some feathers would suit your tastes. Peacock feathers look truly elegant and fit a luxurious medieval wedding theme. Of course, wedding décor does not stop at the table.

Medieval Wedding Decor and Favors

Beyond the clothes and food, the next aspect to consider is the atmosphere that you want to have at your wedding. This is where the decor, and even possibly some favors, come in. Just like tables, some candlelight can bring a romantic touch to the general decor. Medieval banners could be an easy way to bring in that historical vibe to your wedding, even if the rest of the decor looks relatively modern. You could choose one with an existing design like the Rampant Knight Banner or the Medieval Castle Banner. Of course, if you are looking to do a bit more DIY for your wedding, why not grab one of the Plain Medieval Banners and stencil your own design on top?

Besides banners, what other aspects do you want to have at your wedding? Would you like a guest book or some favors? For a guest book, you could get a leather-bound journal and a quill for your guests to write in. This would make a lovely keepsake in the future, especially if you have your guests write pieces of advice or stories about the couple. Another medieval-themed option would be to get a medieval themed item for guests to write on. For example, you could have your guests write their names on a wooden sword. What about favors?

Medieval Wedding Favors

For favors, you can get as creative as you like. Maybe you just want to put some modern favors into a more medieval or fantasy pouch. Velvet and taffeta bags can look romantic and medieval. Perhaps you want a medieval themed favor. Potion bottles are fun and can be DIYed with different fillers. From fairy lights to personalized messages, there are all sorts of things that you could fit inside. In addition, chainmail keychains could be fun to do. Maybe you could write out people’s names and attach tags to the keychains. That way they could work as both place setting markers and as your favors.

Once again, what you choose to do with your medieval or fantasy wedding is up to you, your personal tastes, and budget. Regardless, we hope that we have given you some ideas on how to create a truly magical and medieval atmosphere for your wedding. There are so many more options for a medieval wedding than what we have briefly mentioned. but we wish you the best of luck on creating the wedding of your dreams.

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