Women's Waist Cinchers


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Our fashion waist cinchers are fit for a peasant, enchantress, or queen! Many of the period waist cinchers at Medieval Collectibles are made from high quality leather, while other display intricate lace overlays and damask fabric. Our leather waist cinchers are perfect for any Medieval event or Renaissance fair, while our lace waspies look great with Victorian dresses and formal apparel. These short corsets offer some of the same benefits of historical womens shapewear by accentuating your trim waistline. These historical waist cinchers can be worn over chemises, period shirts, or Renaissance dresses. Our womens waist cinchers are available in many colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect style for your ensemble. Some of these waspie belts lace up the sides, while other fasten in the back or front. Great accessories for medieval, Renaissance, and modern fashions, these period waist cinchers are sure to be a great addition to you wardrobe.

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