Creating a Time Traveling Outfit

Creating a Time Traveling Outfit

You do not have to step through the stones to feel like you are time traveling. We want to help you create a time-traveling outfit perfect for hopping through history. We have taken inspiration from the popular TV series Outlander, specifically the current season. The series is based on a book series of the same name by Diana Gabaldon. We have both men’s and women’s looks inspired by various outfits from the series. Let’s start with the guys.

Outlander Men’s Clothing Inspiration

When it comes to dressing up like a man like Jamie Fraser, layers of clothing are a must. Men would wear shirts under vests and overcoats, and as such one of each of these pieces would be a great start. Cream or off-white shirts make good choices. Historically, such shirts were used to keep the outer, and often more expensive garments, away from the sweat and oils produced by the body.

When choosing your shirt, you may prefer one with a built-in cravat. Cravats and their military counterpart of “steinkirks” were popular leading up to and during the colonial era. You can see Jamie Fraser wear one repeatedly in the series. Over the top of a shirt, a buttoned vest looks appropriate with an outercoat over that. Outercoats would usually end past the hips and could be even longer.

Of course, no time traveling outfit would be complete without a pair of pants. While any straight legged pair of pants would work, ones that have a buttoned fall front are ideal. A fall front is a flap in the front of a pair of pants that falls forward in contrast to the modern single fly that splits open. Fall fronts were highly popular during the colonial period, which is when the 8th season takes place.

To finish off the look, you can add a pair of boots and a hat if you prefer. Any tall boot would work, especially those that resemble pirate boots due to the encounters the characters have faced. In addition, wearing a tricorn hat is equally appropriate. These were common during the colonial period.

Clothing for Outlander Ladies

Like earlier points in history, skirts and shirts make a great combination to wear. Again, cream-colored or off-white are great, but you can also venture into other colors as well. If you enjoy the shawled look that some of the ladies like Claire Fraser and Brianna Mackenzie wear, then you could choose to grab the Farmer’s Skirt with Shawl to get both your skirt and a matching shawl.

Once you have your desired shirt and skirt, wearing a bodice over the top is a good choice. Laced or buttoned bodices look appropriate. Of course, buttoned shirts can also work here. To complete your look, add a pair of shoes to your look.

You can add even more detail to your time-traveling outfit by adding a belt. Take inspiration from the belts worn by both the men and women on screen. They most commonly wear belts with square or rectangular buckles.


We hope that you have gotten some great inspiration for creating your time traveling outfit or wardrobe. From the Frasers to many other characters, there are some wonderful outfits to view in the series Outlander. Which character or outfit is your favorite from the series? Let us know.

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