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For many periods of history, womens fashions have incorporated various skirt supports to create a stylish silhouette with bell-shaped skirts and voluminous fabric. Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer a selection of period hoop skirts, historical bum rolls, and Victorian bustles for an authentic period look. Womens bum rolls, also called cork rumps, emphasize the hips and rear, while lightweight hoop skirts add fullness to the shape of full-length period skirts. We offer an assortment of petticoats and other womens period underskirts to create your ideal style. Our Farthingales, French panniers, Civil War hoop skirts, crinolines, and other womens period undergarments add realism to your historical re-enactments, while also offering a unique look to gothic period fashion and full-skirted wedding gowns.

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