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The gleam of precious metal is the first aspect of this Gilded Leaf Coronet that others will notice, although it is not the only element that appeals. Rich detailing and fine rhinestones make this accessory one to remember. This coronet incorporates elegant leaves along its lower edge, as well as rich natural vine designs that twist and turn and encircle more leaves along its interior. Rhinestones stud its length, adding greater shine to the look, while bundles of faux pearls enhance its look even more. The coronet is made from quality metal, and thanks to that design, it can be gently bent to enhance or adjust its sizing. Whether you get it in gold or silver, this Gilded Leaf Coronet is a lovely accent that any lady will love, making it a great gift, either to give yourself or that special someone in your life.

Key Features:

  • An impressively designed and eye-catching crown
  • Crafted in plated copper, with a silver or gold finish
  • Styled after the traditional princess tiara
  • Adorned with leaf accents, rhinestones, and bundles of faux pearls
  • Can be gently bent to adjust its sizing
  • Great for Renaissance fairs, weddings, dances, formal occasions and more


  • Height: 1.875 Inches
One Size5 inches1.875 inches


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