Small Round Glass Bottle

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It is hard to know when a potion may come in handy. That is why you should always carry one around! And with one of these Potion Bottles with Clasp, carrying a spare potion has never been easier! It can literally just hang on your belt! This accessory is a great combination, pairing a fine glass bottle with a hand-crafted leather harness that is attached to a clasp for easy carrying and display. The glass bottle is offered in a variety of colors, while the leather harness is crafted in leather. Stopped with a cork, this Potion Bottle with Clasp allows you to take a shot or so of your favorite draught with you no matter where you go – whether it is spirits, healing potions, water, fairy dust, or anything else!

Please note that first color option chooses the color of the bottle. The accent color option chooses between black and brown leather.

Key Features:

  • A helpful and handy accessory
  • Also a very cool accent to hang on your belt
  • Glass bottle is fully functional and stopped with a cork
  • Secured in a leather harness with strap
  • Easy to carry, thanks to the clasp
  • Great for carrying a variety of substances
  • Crafted right here in the USA


  • Bottle Height: 3.5 Inches
  • Bottle Circumference: 8.25 Inches
  • Bottle holds 3.4 oz.

12 reviews for Small Round Glass Bottle

  1. Patricia F.

    Great item. Nicely done with the leather trim.

  2. Matthew M

    This item is very well done. The glass bottle is made of thick glass that doesn’t seem like it would easily break and fits nicely in the palm of the hand. The leather trimming comes off so the bottle can easily be washed.

  3. Michael H.

    Everything about this item is to notch. The simple look and high quality materials make this a must on any belt.

  4. Enrique (verified owner)

    Good nice quality glass is elegant… this item looks Awesome with a leather belt .. love the leather trim is a good protector

  5. hedgehog69692 (verified owner)

    Bought these in multiple colors for my wife and she loves them. Nice quality.

  6. skulhedman (verified owner)

    Wow, what a cool item! I have a green one that I partially filled with some thick green fluid to slosh around and it’s a great touch to my orc costume as some sort of horrible poison, vile potion, or disgusting tonic. The glass is thick, the harness supports the bottle well, and I think the clip on this one is a better option than the leather loop I’ve seen on others, as it allows for an easy removal.

  7. Cheryl Wisniewski (verified owner)

    Nice thick glass bottle and sturdy leather holder. The clasp is heavy duty for extra security. My blue bottle was actually teal, which is great because I love teal! I will be using this bottle on several different cosplays and Larping too. I highly recommend this bottle for any costuming needs. Thank you Medieval Collectibles for selling this wonderful glass bottle!

  8. bscout452 (verified owner)

    Goes amazing with a witch doctor costume.

  9. jderekburch (verified owner)

    These are great little bottles. Perfect for toting around the teeth of your enemies! 😉

  10. silmerae (verified owner)

    Amazing product! The leather harness easily snaps open, allowing for quick removal. It is robust enough that multiple bottles are well protected when hanging from the same loop, which isn’t much of a problem anyway, because the glass is so thick.
    My daughters put some edible glitter in and filled her bottles with water for an awesome potion effect.

  11. sr (verified owner)

    Wonderful glass bottle which holds plenty of items as long as you can get it down the neck which is about 3/4-inches (19mm).
    I have this lashed to the top of my staff with some “dragon blood” stored inside and secured with the cork.

  12. skulhedman (verified owner)

    These are great items. I already had a green one (see previous review) and always got compliments about it. I am building another costume that requires some additional alchemical accoutrements so I purchased a red one as well Going to put some sparkly fluid in this one so it looks like a magic potion!

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