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Ateliers Nemesis is elevating the LARP game. With over a decade of experience, these innovative, Canada-based artisans are refining and reinventing the construction processes for safe foam weapons.

Ateliers Nemesis LARP weapons are handcrafted with impressive attention to detail, superior handling, durability, and, most importantly, safety. Their innovative Athena LARP range uses a unique thermoforming process. This then delivers sturdy, shred resistant, foam fused blades for their LARP swords, knives, and daggers.

The craftspeople at Ateliers Nemesis use their experience in costuming, cinematic prop and set building, and leatherworking. These skills inform their cutting-edge crafting process and inspiring designs.

Involved in the LARP community, they prioritize comfortable, natural handling in their medieval fantasy LARP weapons, especially their Athena line. There is a unique weighting to many of their LARP sword hilts. This provides a point of balance that adds to the easy handling of these safe foam weapons.

That is not to say though that Nemesis LARP weapons only feel great to handle – they also look great. Historical research informs their design processes, and their fantasy styles elevate the iconic and familiar. You will also find perfectly matched leather scabbards and other LARP accessories. These are especially designed to match their LARP weapons and make your live action roleplay experience that much more immersive and convenient.

Bring unparalleled immersion and realistic handling to your LARP gaming experiences with Nemesis Ateliers safe foam weapons. These high end LARP swords and daggers are ready to inspire your next LARP kits or transform what you already have beyond your imagination.

Memory: 68MB (13.28% of 512MB)
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