Do you appreciate the craftsmanship you see in Denix firearm replicas? Or have you always wanted one of the Valyrian Steel swords you see on Game of Thrones? You can find all of the high-quality brands you love here at Medieval Collectibles, where we offer a wide selection of weaponry, armour, LARP gear, and historical collectibles from some of the best names in the business. We carry Epic Armoury and Calimacil LARP weapons and role-play attire, Windlass Steelcrafts swords, Marto and Hanwei daggers, Get Dressed For Battle arming wear and medieval clothes, and so much more! Take a moment to browse through one of our many brands to see some of the fine medieval products that we carry for your home decor, next Renaissance fair, or personal collection.
Alchemy Gothic Jewelry, Alchemy Gothic Glassware, and Alchemy Gothic Decor
Alchemy Gothic

Ramp up your amazing gothic style with pieces from Alchemy Gothic available here at Medieval Collectibles! We provide a wide assortment of gothic and steampunk jewelry in designs ranging from skull belt buckles to bleeding rose earrings to cogwheel necklaces. Additionally, Alchemy Gothic produces excellent gothic glassware and gothic decor including everything from shot glasses to posters to suit any gothic need.

Ancient Armoury, Decorative Medieval Weapons, Suits of Armour, and Medieval Home Decor
Ancient Armoury

Shop Ancient Armoury at Medieval Collectibles for a vast selection of high quality medieval replicas and miniatures. Check out everything from full suits of statues and handcrafted medieval replica weapons to mini knight statues and more. Add an Ancient Armoury decorative blade to your sword collection, or intimidate guests with decorative medieval flails, battle axes, and halberds. Enjoy the history of medieval warfare and lifestyle with unique collectibles, like miniature catapults and replica crossbows. No matter your style or space needs, Ancient Armoury has something for every medieval history fan.

Armaduras Medievales Swords, Decorative Shields, and Knight Replicas
Armaduras Medievales

Based in Toledo, Spain, Armaduras Medievales produces some of the finest display shields, historical sword replicas, and medieval decor around. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a number of swords letter openers, miniature knight replicas, sword wall plaques, and more that you can use to decorate your home or office. Many of the pieces within this category are based on figures such as Charlemagne, William Wallace, and El Cid.


Dress the part at your next medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy event with reenactment clothing from Burgschneider. Burgschneider takes historical costuming essentials to the next level with high quality fabrics, authentically inspired designs, and options for the whole family. Shop Viking tunics, maiden gowns, mens medieval pants, and more, as well as the accessories and outerwear needed to perfect your look.

Citadel Knives, Citadel Swords, and Citadel Katanas

When you are in the market for a high quality knife or Japanese sword, Citadel offers a range of excellent and functional blades to suit your needs. Made from high-end stainless and high carbon steels, Citadel knives, katanas, and wakizashis often feature differentially hardened blades and handles crafted from quality woods, horn, bone, micarta, and more. These Citadel swords and knives make great pieces to display or use when hunting or camping.

Dragon King Katana, Oriental Swords, and Sword Canes
Dragon King

When you are in the market for an oriental blade, be sure to examine the top quality merchandise from Dragon King here at Medieval Collectibles. We carry an excellent array of Japanese katana, Chinese swords, sword canes, and other designs suitable as functional blades and stunning collectibles. Crafted from high end materials, these pieces show true ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our Dragon King products also include accessories like sword stands.

Forgotten Dreams, Forgotten Dreams LARP Swords, LARP Shields, and Foam Latex Weapons
Forgotten Dreams

Drawing inspiration from the weapons of history as well as presenting unique takes on fantasy weaponry, Forgotten Dreams creates high quality LARP weapons and shields that are finely crafted for an authentic look as well as for safety. Made of latex coated foam, Forgotten Dreams makes daggers, halberds, axes, hammers, katanas, claymores, and more for use on the LARP battlefield, all with fiberglass cores and a layer of elastic gloss for extra protection against abrasion.

Funko POP Vinyl Figures, Wacky Wobblers, and Legacy Figures

Enjoy your favorite TV shows, games, comics, and movies in a new way with the Funko collectibles here at Medieval Collectibles. We provide a great selection of POP Vinyl Figures, Pocket POP Keychains, Wacky Wobblers, and Legacy Figures from popular series like Game of Thrones, the Walking Dead, Marvel, DC Comics, Assassins Creed, and more! Our licensed Funko figures, bobble-heads, and keychains make it easy to show off your favorite characters.

GI Bows, Medieval Bows, and Fantasy Bows
GI Bows

Anyone who needs a high quality bow should come here to the GI Bows offered by Medieval Collectibles. These excellent fantasy and medieval bows come in a variety of styles that work great for anyone from experienced bowmen to new youth archers. These bows and arrows include options based on the Lord of the Rings and the Hunger Games, perfect for fans. Crafted from fine materials like hickory, these functional bows cannot be beat.

House of Warfare
House of Warfare

House of Warfare provides a great range of high quality historical items for reenactment, LARP, and costume use. From Roman, medieval, and Viking armour to leather belts, pouches, journals, and other essentials, House of Warfare has something to heighten your historical look or update your fantasy outfit. Leather and steel helmets, body armour, and bracers offer protection and can add authenticity to historical and fantasy warrior looks.

Kingston Arms Swords, Re-enactment Swords, and Sparring Swords
Kingston Arms

Designed to hold up to the rigors of combat, Kingston Arms swords are ideal for HEMA events, re-enactments, and stage combat. Medieval Collectibles carries several of these functional swords, which feature historically accurate details. The Kingston Arms Tourney series include blunt swords for safer combat, while their other sharp blades also work for cutting. The spring steel swords are a premium choice for fans of European blades.

Kizlyar Supreme Knives, High Performance Knives, and Superior Russian Knives
Kizlyar Supreme

Discover a range of superior quality knives for your needs here at Medieval Collectibles within our Kizlyar Supreme brand. Kizlyar Supreme specializes in high performance Russian knives such as tactical knives, outdoor knives, neck knives, and folding knives, among other designs. These heavy duty blades are crafted from quality steel and a variety of handle materials to give you the kind of exceptional build you are looking for.

Mytholon LARP Armour, Historical Clothing, and Leather Accessories

Get ready for another exciting adventure into the LARP realm. Prepare to travel to medieval times or journey to a kingdom inspired by epic fantasy. Medieval Collectibles offers an exciting selection of armour, historical clothing, and leather accessories from Mytholon. Take a moment or two to search through this amazing section, we are certain the LARP clothing, armour, weapons, and gear found here will serve you well during your next quest.

Red Dragon Armoury Swords, Synthetic Sparring Swords, and Practice Swords
Red Dragon Armoury

Discover your ideal medieval sparring gear here at Medieval Collectibles among our Red Dragon Armoury products. We carry an excellent assortment of training swords and practice sword parts for martial artists and historical re-enactors to use as they refine their swordsmanship skills. These synthetic swords are ideal for HEMA and WMA practice, as well. Whenever you want a new nylon blade, make sure to come browse the selection we have available here!

Shadow Cutlery Weapons, Shadow Cutlery Swords, and Shadow Cutlery Axes
Shadow Cutlery

Medieval Collectibles offers an excellent selection of merchandise produced by Shadow Cutlery. Shadow Cutlery knives, ninja swords, and other functional weapons are great for practicing, while the sword stands and licensed Vikings replicas are perfect for displaying. Based on the hit TV show, our Vikings weapons include options like Ragnar Lothbroks axe and various Vikings swords. Be sure to check out this brand when you need great quality products.

Your Dressmaker Period Clothing, Renaissance Gowns, and Medieval Dresses
Your Dressmaker

If you seek a beautiful gown for a historically themed ball or period wear for a Renaissance Faire, Medieval Collectibles offers a wide selection of handmade apparel from Your Dressmaker. Their assortment of renaissance and medieval attire is quite impressive. With a focus on quality and artistry, Your Dressmaker offers various designs for men, women, and children. Take a browse through this section and just see all the fine costumes you can create.

Art Gladius Swords, Replica Daggers, and Decorative Weaponry
Art Gladius

Among the finest manufacturers of decorative swords, Art Gladius crafts a number of historical and fantasy weapons for collectors and other enthusiasts to enjoy. Many of these weapons display intricate detailing that makes them excellent additions to medieval decor. Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer a variety of display swords, daggers, and other period weaponry that will look great in your home or office.

Calimacil LARP Swords, LARP Daggers, and Foam Latex Weapons

Made from durable foam latex with hybrid carbon and fiberglass cores, the LARP weapons from Calimacil serve as superbly crafted pieces for the discerning LARPer. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer some of their best LARP swords, LARP daggers, LARP axes, and other latex weapons. Many pieces fit right into fantasy LARP scenarios or zombie apocalypse role-play, as well as medieval battles.

Cold Steel Knives, Functional Swords, and Functional Axes
Cold Steel

Known for their rigorous standards for quality and performance, Cold Steel weaponry offers some of the strongest, sharpest knives in the world. Medieval Collectibles carries many different options in Cold Steel products, including functional swords, survival axes, battle ready spears, and so much more. In addition to the top quality weapons, we offer various Cold Steel training weapons and instructional DVDs.

Condor Tool and Knife Machetes, Combat Knives, and Functional Axes
Condor Tool and Knife

A company that traces its roots back to the 1700s, Condor Tool and Knife produces high-quality weapons and survival tools ranging from functional tomahawks to bowie knives to survivor shovels to camping machetes and more. At Medieval Collectibles, we offer an excellent selection of Condor Tool and Knife products for your use at home or in the great outdoors.

Darksword Armory Axes, Functional Swords, and Steel Armour
Darksword Armory

Offering a wide selection of hand-forged high carbon steel weapons that can withstand heavy use, Darksword Armory produces some of the best battle-ready swords, functional axes, and replica daggers on the market. At Medieval Collectibles, we are pleased to offer an excellent selection of these distinctive pieces, which show designs inspired by famous historical and fantasy weapons.

Deepeeka Swords, Medieval Clothing, and Decorative Shields

When you need a stunning piece of decorative weaponry or medieval clothing, the Deepeeka brand category here at Medieval Collectibles contains a wealth of products that will suit perfectly. We carry excellent collectible swords, historical armour, LARP accessories, and decorative shields that make fine additions to your home decor or Renaissance fair outfit. These pieces possess an authentic appearance that is tough to beat.

Denix Firearm Replicas, Dagger Replicas, and Miniature Swords

Denix manufactures excellent historical collectibles and non-firing firearm replicas for use as museum-grade decorations or theatrical accessories. Medieval Collectibles carries a wide selection of Denix pistol replicas, sword letter openers, replica bullets, western badges, miniature cannons, sword wall plaques, and more! We also offer high-quality display stands for swords and guns. These pieces make great gifts for history buffs and collectors!

Dragon Forge Leather Armour, Leather Accessories, and Leather Frogs
Dragon Forge Leather

For handcrafted leather items, the leather armour and leather accessories from Dragon Forge Leather are hard to beat. Medieval Collectibles provides high-quality leather products for LARPing, theatrical use, or daily wear. We carry leather bracers, leather cuirasses, leather greaves, and more, including items made from 13-15 oz. armour grade leather. Alternately, we offer leather belts, leather corsets, and leather headbands for a great medieval look.

Epic Armoury LARP Gear, Medieval Clothing, and Foam Latex Weapons
Epic Armoury

For LARPers and role-players of all kinds, Epic Armoury carries the perfect selection of medieval clothing, reenactment armour, LARP weapons, costume effects, and leather accessories to create an impressive look. Medieval Collectibles carries steel and leather armour, costume make up, latex masks, foam latex swords, leather bags, medieval tunics, LARP bows, chainmail, and so much more! Check out the variety of medieval and fantasy styles.

Get Dressed For Battle Chainmail, Medieval Clothing, and Steel Helmets
Get Dressed For Battle

Offering a range of quality medieval reenactment supplies, Get Dressed For Battle is where you want to turn for excellent chainmail, battle ready helmets, medieval clothing, plate armour, and other role-play accessories. Medieval Collectibles carries many pieces of their steel and titanium chainmail, replica daggers, armour padding, medieval helms, metal spearheads, and steel armour for enterprising LARPers and Renaissance fair attendees.

Hanwei Swords, Functional Swords, and Functional Katana

In association with CAS Iberia, Hanwei produces some of the finest functional blades in the world, including many Japanese and European styles. Medieval Collectibles carries a great array of these handcrafted weapons like high carbon steel katana, battle ready broadswords, replica axes, functional fencing swords, and other martial arts weapons. We also offer sword maintenance supplies, sword hangers, and Japanese helmets.

Hibben Knives, Throwing Knives, and Martial Arts Knives
Hibben Knives

Seen in over 30 movies and TV shows, the world-famous wares of master knife maker Gil Hibben display unmatched workmanship and quality. Hibben Knives features many fixed blade knives, throwing weapons, and collectible knives in their selection. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a variety of these pieces, including a number of competition throwers, pieces from the Fantasy Series, and martial arts knives.

Kit Rae Knives, Fantasy Swords, and Throwing Weapons
Kit Rae

One of the foremost knife and sword designers of unique fantasy weapons, Kit Rae has produced swords and knives that have appeared in a number of popular movies, TV shows, and video games. In addition to his collectible swords and decorative daggers, Medieval Collectibles also offers several of his functional sword canes, throwing knife sets, and throwing axes of excellent quality. Browse through this section to see many striking fantasy pieces.

Legacy Arms Swords, Functional Swords, and Sword Replicas
Legacy Arms

Previously known as Generation 2, Legacy Arms produces meticulously crafted functional swords and blades in designs dedicated to historical accuracy and authenticity. Medieval Collectibles carries many of these battle-ready sword replicas and historical daggers for weapons collectors and reenactors to enjoy. These functional weapons appear in Roman, Viking, Japanese, Crusader, Scottish, and other medieval and fantasy designs.

Marto Swords, Medieval Home Decor, and Crusader Clothing

A producer of some of the most beautiful and reputable decorative swords in the world, Marto manufactures many delightful medieval products including medieval home decor, movie collectibles, medieval jewelry, collectible weapons, crusader clothing, sword letter openers, and beyond. Medieval Collectibles has gathered these fine products together in this category for your ease and convenience as you hunt for the perfect piece to suit your needs.

Palnatoke LARP Swords, Leather Armor, and Leather Accessories

Created with the aim of crafting the best latex weapons in the world, Palnatoke has emerged as one of the leaders of the role-playing industry. Medieval Collectibles carries many of their LARP swords, constructed with semi-hard foam, fiberglass or carbon fiber cores, and rubber coatings for optimal performance. We also offer many of their leather goods, such as leather armour, LARP scabbards, leather belts, weapon hangers, and leather quivers.

Ritter Steel Swords, Functional Swords, and Functional Daggers
Ritter Steel

Offering a premium line of handcrafted weapons, Ritter Steel produces high-quality swords, halberds, daggers, and other functional weapons for the person on a budget. Medieval Collectibles carries a great selection of their functional swords and other weapons in styles ranging from medieval to Japanese to Viking to Roman to Scottish and more. Many of these pieces come with leather or wooden sheaths for your convenience.

Stage Steel Swords, Theatrical Swords, and Reenactment Swords
Stage Steel

When you want the ideal theatrical sword or training weapon, Stage Steel should be one of the first names you think of! Medieval Collectibles offers a great selection of these full-tang, battle-ready blunted swords, as well as a number of reenactment daggers and steel helmets. We carry a variety of sword styles ranging from Renaissance rapiers to Scottish claymores to pirate cutlasses to samurai katana and medieval broadswords.

Tinker Pearce Swords, Functional Swords, and Sword Replacement Blades
Tinker Pearce

One of the pre-eminent sword manufacturers in the world, Tinker Pearce stands by the durability and performance of his functional weapons. Medieval Collectibles carries a variety of these battle ready swords in sharpened and blunted versions, as well as replacement sword blades. We offer bastard swords, Viking swords, longswords, and other medieval swords that made great picks for sparring, cutting, or training weapons.

United Cutlery Knives, Hobbit Weapons, and Tactical Knives
United Cutlery

For a wide variety of functional and decorative weapons, be sure the check out the products from United Cutlery. Medieval Collectibles carries an excellent selection of Hobbit weapon replicas from the films, throwing knives, survival tools, tactical knives, combat machetes, pocket knives, and much more. Whether you are looking for a charming collectible piece or a functional knife for camping or fighting, we have the perfect item for your needs!

Valiant Arms Helmets, Chainmail Armour, and Replica Swords
Valiant Arms

Offering some of the highest quality replicas of medieval armour, historical helmets, and decorative swords available, Valiant Arms produces pieces that display incredible authenticity and quality. Medieval Collectibles carries chainmail shirts, Roman armour sets, medieval helmets, and a variety of other unique items that you can wear or display in your home or office for a historical touch.

Valyrian Steel Replicas, Game of Thrones Swords, and Game of Thrones Weapons
Valyrian Steel

Named for the priceless, lost method of forging from Game of Thrones, Valyrian Steel crafts many high-quality collectible weapons from the hit HBO TV show. Medieval Collectibles offers several decorative swords, including Ice replicas and Longclaw replicas, as well as other pieces like the Warhammer of King Robert and the dagger, Catspaw, used by Catelyn Stark. We also carry several Game of Thrones helms and other items from the show.

Windlass Swords, Period Clothing, and Medieval Accessories

Windlass offers a little bit of everything - functional weapons, period clothing, movie costumes, medieval accessories, chainmail and armour, LARP gear, and so much more! Medieval Collectibles carries a wide assortment of their high-quality products, including their reenactment clothing, replica swords, and other historical collectibles in styles ranging from medieval to steampunk to pirate to fantasy and beyond.

Zombie Hammer Weapons, Zombie Survival Tools, and Zombie Fighting Weapons
Zombie Hammer

Proudly based in the USA, Zombie Hammer touts that its eclectic line of zombie fighting weapons will last longer than cockroaches. Medieval Collectibles carries many of these high-quality zombie survival tools, which all feature knuckle duster grips for a formidable appearance. We offer unique pieces such as the Traumahawk, the Nail Biter, and the Piece Maker, as well as the Gack Rack wall hanger to display these striking weapons.