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Here at Medieval Collectibles, we are proud to offer you a wonderful selection of weapons and more from the brand MTech USA. They make a wide variety of products. For example, we have knives, machetes, axes, maintenance tools, and even umbrellas from the popular brand. The knives and machetes come in multiple blade types. For example, there are clip-point blades and drop-point blades as well as blades that take inspiration from scimitars. Many of the stainless-steel blades have black finishes. In addition, the MTech USA knives and machetes have different handle types and materials as well. There are weapons with nylon-fiber handles as well as ones with rubber handles. Some of the blades consist of a single piece of metal with cord wrapped around the handle for a grip. The single-piece construction provides greater durability, while the cord grip provides greater comfort than just the metal alone.

The MTech USA axes also feature similar coloring and handle construction. For example, they have black blades, and their handles come in a variety of materials. In addition, the bladed weapons commonly come with a sheath. Some sheaths are leather, while others are nylon fiber. In addition to the bladed weapons, we also offer maintenance tools such as a knife sharpener for keeping your blades sharp. There are also umbrellas. The umbrellas have sword-style handles. For example, one has the handle of a katana while another has the handle of a saber. Make sure that that you stop and check out the selection of items that we offer from MTech USA. There is a wide array, and there is sure to be something that interests you.

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