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Les Artisans d’ Azure handcrafts leather armor to take your LARP or cosplay outfit to the next level. Bring your LARP character to life in eye-catching armor, and add an authentic feel to any roleplay. Shop medieval armor, Viking armor, and even armour for sorcerers and other fantasy roles.

Les Artisans d’ Azure’s handcrafted fantasy armor brings dreams to life. Check out elven armor, armor for orcs, barbarian armor, and more. Become a paladin, necromancer, or woodland elf. Whatever your character, there is armour to add depth and defense to your look. Historical leather armor styles will make you a Roman soldier, Viking berserker, Valkyrie, or knight.

Make your medieval outfit stand out with helmets, bracers, and other armor pieces that are just right. Even just one piece of armor can give your outfit a tougher look. Or go all out with a full set of leather LARP armor to completely transform yourself for your next Renaissance faire, LARP battle, or cosplay event. Our selection of high quality armour is here to take your costuming and LARP battling experiences to the next level.

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