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If you are looking for knives, tools, and other pieces designed for the outdoors, Elk Ridge is a brand that you should check out. Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer this selection of Elk Ridge blades. They come in different types such as hunting knives and machetes. Also, they come in different materials. From stainless steel to high-carbon steel, their blades feature a range of materials. Their knives are designed for the outdoors. They come with their own sheaths for storage. There are also different materials for the sheaths. Some are leather, while others are nylon. Also, some are black, while others are brown.

The knives and other blades from Elk Ridge have high-quality handles. Some have wooden handles which give them a more natural look. Others feature injection molded handles that allow for a textured handle to prevent slipping. They have ergonomic designs to make handling the blades more comfortable.

Some of the knives also have forged finishes on their blade. This forged finish makes them blend in with medieval and Renaissance settings. These forge-finished knives have straight-back blades and feature a more ergonomic curved shape. Elk Ridge also makes machetes for the outdoors. Some of the machetes feature a bolo machete style. They have a balanced, curved blade. You should make sure that you stop and explore the selection of blades. You are sure to find something that catches your eye. When you are looking for a knife or machete to take with you into the wild or on an adventure, check out the blades of Elk Ridge.

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