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Looking for quality leather clothing and LARP weapons for your next event? Shop Rawblade gear here at Medieval Collectibles. Based in Spain, Rawblade is a brand that makes high-quality historical reenactment and LARP gear, with continuing long-standing craft traditions in mind. This company produces a range of products, from clothing to accessories and more. Taking the knowledge and traditions of Spanish leather working, they make great quality leather clothing. This range of clothing includes, but is not limited to jerkins, doublets, and tunics. For accessories, they produce highly detailed bags and medieval pouches as well as belts and weapon frogs. Their leather accessories often feature embossing. They pay attention to detail when it comes to making sure that the accents on their product fit their intended theme, such as Viking, Celtic, pirate, and other themes as well. These accents include medallions and highly detailed belt fixtures. In addition to accessories and clothing, Rawblade produces high-quality leather footwear and hats. Their leather boots and shoes come in a range of sizes, allowing multiple people to wear their footwear. Similarly, their leather hats have a great style and work wonderfully with medieval and fantasy aesthetics. The hats span a range of looks, allowing you to pick what best suits your character. Their LARP department Creadores a Sueldo produces a variety of foam throwing weapons. From steampunk to alchemy-inspired, they have LARP weapons for various occasions, especially fantasy scenarios. Also, this company makes necklaces that fit in wonderfully with a variety of themes. Their jewelry takes on the same range of themes as their other accessories, from Viking to medieval and more.

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