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If you are looking for tactically inspired knives and axes, make sure that you check out our selection of Master USA products. These blades are most commonly made from stainless steel. Some of the knives have black finishes while others have silver finishes. From clip-point to Bowie and tanto-style blades, there is a range of blade styles to choose from. Many of the blades have serrated or sawback spines.

Next, the Master USA knives have a wide variety of handle styles and designs. For example, there are handles made from ABS while others are pakkawood. At least one handle has a skull pattern printed onto it. One handle has curves that make it more comfortable to grasp. Other handles have seat belt cutters and glass breakers included in their designs. Then, some of the Master USA knives have clips for securing onto a belt while others have a black nylon sheath.

The tactical axes have a similar style. For example, one has an all-black axe head and a sheath to cover the blade when not in use. It also features a ridged haft for a better grip and to help reduce slipping. The axes feature tactical designs that have great functionality. Make sure that you stop and check out the modern-style knives and axes we offer from Master USA. There is sure to be something here that catches your eye and fits your needs.

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