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If you love functional Japanese-style swords, make sure that you stop and check the selection of Ryumon products at Medieval Collectibles. This brand features handmade katanas, wakizashis, and tantos. These functional weapons come from master craftsmen with years of experience. They craft these high-quality swords. Each blade is a fully functional, battle-ready samurai sword. Also, each sword features the distinctive curved blade common to Japanese swords. They are high-carbon steel, with some made from Damascus high-carbon steel. Each Ryumon katana and wakizashi has a decorated tsuba. The tsuba features a different design for each sword. For example, one sword will have a bamboo design on the tsuba, while another has a dragon design.

The Ryumon swords continue with real ray skin, or same on their handles. Fabric wraps around the handles. The swords will also come with a scabbard. Many of the scabbards continue the motifs from the tsubas. Some of the swords will even come with a sword bag, a certificate of authenticity, and a traditional Japanese sword cleaning kit. Some of the Ryumon blades, such as the tantos, may have a more modern take on a traditional design. For example, there is a tanto with a nylon-fiber handle and a nylon scabbard. Ryumon makes high-quality swords that do not break the bank. Take a look at the array of swords we offer here at Medieval Collectibles. There is sure to be something that catches your eye. You can take these swords to the battlefield or display then in your home if you prefer.

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