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If you are interested in kunai and other throwing knives, make sure to check out Medieval Collectibles selection of Perfect Point knives. Most of the knives are stainless steel. Most of the steel knives have double-edged blades. The double-edged blades often have either a leaf-like shape or a spearpoint tip. In addition, some of the blades feature a printed design. There are knives with elemental designs on them. Some of those elemental designs feature flames of fire or electricity. Other knives have a more macabre look with skulls printed on them.

Next, all of the Perfect Point knives consist of a single piece of metal. This provides strength and durability. Some have cord-wrapped handles while others are smooth. The handles of the knives often have ergonomic handles, usually with curves, that make the knives more comfortable to grasp. There are often cutouts that make the knives lighter. The cutouts occur on the blades and handles. Many of the knife sets come with a carrying pouch usually made from nylon. Some of the pouches allow the knives to hang from a belt. The sets can include three or more Perfect Point knives. Some sets even have twelve knives together.

Perfect Point designed these knives for throwing at a target. You can use them for throwing practice or take them to a competition. Either way, they are sure to work well in your hands when you go to throw them. Stop by Medieval Collectibles and check out the array of knives we offer. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

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