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Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer a selection of Fantasy Master weapons. There are daggers, knives, swords, and even bladed staffs. These decorative weapons have a range of design influences. Some of the weapons have designs inspired by katanas and other weapons wielded by ninjas. Many of these ninja-inspired weapons feature a modern interpretation. Meanwhile, other weapons are shaped after European designs. For example, the swords may have hilts inspired by short swords while the knives or daggers feature a Celtic design. In addition, the weaponry designs may include various elements such as fantasy ones like dragons or gothic ones like skulls. These design elements can affect the weapons blade shapes and colors. Some of the weapons have an all-black look with a highlight of color. Red is popular among the swords and daggers for example.

Next, many of the weapons from Fantasy Master come with accessories. For example, there are weapons that have nylon sheaths. There are others that have stands or plaques. This allows them to be put on display. They are great display pieces, sure to be showstoppers in any weaponry collection. Some of the swords may come with matching knives. The swords come in a range of grip sizes. Some are two-handed while others are meant to be held with one hand. Most of the weapons have stainless-steel blades. Make sure that you stop and take a look at the pieces of decorative weaponry we offer from Fantasy Master. There is sure to be something here that catches your eye.

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