LARPer Gift Guide

LARPer Gift Guide

Does someone in your life love LARPing? Maybe you know someone that would like to get started LARPing and you would like to support them. We totally understand. That is why we put together this LARPer gift guide to help you pick out the perfect present.

We break down our gift suggestions into staple LARP pieces, more advanced gear, gear for the younger LARPer, and maintenance supplies. Our staple gear choices reflect pieces that will work for a wide variety of aesthetics and styles. These pieces are versatile and will work for both beginners and advanced LARPers. Meanwhile, our advanced LARP gear options are pieces that work well for very popular LARP themes, but also have a bit more detail than our staple choices. Also, they may focus on a specific style, such as a Viking, Templar, or elven look. By splitting up our suggestions into staple, advanced, young LARPer, and maintenance, you can quickly check out the section of products that best suits the person that you are buying for. Our suggestions also come in a range of price points, so you can pick what best suits your budget.

Of course, one of the main parts of giving a gift is wrapping it up. If you don’t like wrapping gifts or don’t feel like it this year, no worries. We offer gift wrapping for $6 on most items. In addition, we ship far and wide. You can check out our ordering page for more info.

Staple LARPing Gear

To begin with, any LARPer will want to focus on clothing. Clothing is an essential part of LARPing, no matter the style or experience of the player. Also, these pieces can work for a wide variety of LARP events. We have chosen popular pieces that have multiple color or size options. Any combination of these pieces will create an outfit or wardrobe ready for LARPing.

Of course, a staple LARPing outfit looks better with some accessories. Pieces like belts and bags are extremely useful to the LARPer as many historical or fantasy styles don’t have pockets. Overall, these pieces add both functionality and style, even with their versatile appearances.

Many LARPers participate in LARP battles. Thus, a LARP weapon will definitely be a staple part of any LARPing gear. Again, we focused on versatility with these pieces. Whether your LARPer prefers a historical or fantasy look, these foam weapons will fit in with their arsenal. Even if your LARPer hasn’t chosen a preferred aesthetic, these weapons will help them take on their foes. The suggestions below should work for most LARP groups and events. If you’re uncertain if a specific kind of armour or type of weapon is okay for your LARPers particular event, ask them to be sure or check out their event or organizations rules.

Finally, when it comes to a LARP warrior, they will want to take on their foes in safety. Thus, armour is a staple part of a LARPer’s gear. LARP shields are always foam, while LARP armour can be steel or leather. We have provided both options for you to choose from. The shields here have versatile looks that work for Vikings, Crusaders, and more. Both leather and steel work for many characters as well.

Advanced LARP Gear

When it comes to our choices for advanced LARP gear, we choose items that fit in with some of the most common LARP themes. With their additional detailing, they work with more specific aesthetics or specific character choices. For example, the Reinforced LARP Tower Shield, while relatively versatile in aesthetic, is considerably taller than other LARP shields and would work better with certain characters that feature such styles. These pieces are ideal for the advanced LARPer who has a particular aesthetic or character in mind when they roleplay.

For the Young LARPer

Of course, we don’t want to forget our younger LARPers. Many kids love to LARP alongside their older counterparts. For them, we have chosen pieces that are sized for children and smaller frames. These clothing pieces come in a range of colors, allowing you to pick what best suits your young LARPer.

When it comes to defending your young LARPer, we also have a variety of armour pieces sized for kids and smaller LARPers. From shields to helmets, and more, there are many pieces that you can choose to protect them. You can click the button below to explore the rest of our kids armour category.

For the young LARPer, it may be a challenge to fight with foam weapons that are sized for adults. Thus, we have picked out LARP daggers, short swords, and other LARP weapons that will more likely fit a child. The bow, for example, is specifically sized for kids. Meanwhile, the LARP throwing axe listed here is small and will be more manageable for a child to move.

Maintenance for the LARPer

For any LARPer, young or older, maintenance is an absolute requirement. Maintaining gear, clothing, and weapons is important. Thus, we have listed products for taking care of your steel armour, leather gear, and foam weapons. If you want to know more about taking care of your steel armour, your leather armour, or how to weatherproof your clothing, you can check out the respective articles on the topics. We also have a video showing how to take care of LARP weapons.

Still don’t know what to get the LARPer in your life? You can always allow them to choose! With one of our gift cards, you can let them pick out their perfect gift. The gift cards come in a range of prices. This way, you can ensure that your LARPer gets what best suits them and their LARP journey. We hope that this LARPer Gift Guide has helped you get some ideas on what to give anyone who enjoys LARPing, whether they are a beginner or expert.

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