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You have come a long way to conquer this land, crossing cold and stormy seas in an uncovered longboat. It would be a shame if your weapon failed you now. Luckily, the Fidas LARP Longsword is sure to defend you without waver. This historically themed LARP weapon is made from a specially designed latex-free, injection-molded foam with a strong fiberglass core. This core makes it particularly durable while still remaining safe for LARPing, theater, and staged events. It also features a protective coating that increases its durability and prolongs the life of the weapon. This weapon is modeled after classic Viking longswords, complete with a deep fuller, a short crossguard, and a five-lobed pommel. The hilt comes in gold or steel coloration and is wrapped in leather, making gripping easy. The Fidas LARP Longsword is a crucial arm for any Viking or barbarian warrior to have, and it is sure to bring a bit of authenticity to your next LARPing event.

This LARP weapon is made without using latex but still benefits from periodic silicone treatments. As such, we recommend the use of our Maintenance Silicone for LARP weapons, as it will help prolong the life of the foam’s special coating. Also, this item is made through injection molding, therefore there is a small hole in the blade. This is not a defect. It is a sign of its construction.

Key Features:

  • Safe for use in LARPing events
  • Features a realistic look
  • Specialty foam offers extreme durability
  • Special coating ensures long life
  • Fiberglass core promotes flexibility
  • Available in steel and gold colors
  • Leather-wrapped handle allows for easy gripping
  • Latex-free design


  • Made from a specialty foam
  • Core made of fiberglass

Care Instructions:

  • Use Maintenance Silicone to ensure long weapon life and durability


  • Length: 36.6 Inches

Measurements are approximate.

2 reviews for Fidas LARP Longsword

  1. Dean Agiato (verified owner)

    An excellent beginner’s larping weapon for the money. Took this on my 1st larp; it worked beautifully, really took a beating.

  2. rcdbonnette (verified owner)

    Arrived on time for a friendly LARP fight.
    36.6 Inches total length, as described.
    Blade length: 30 inches.
    Blade width: 2.5 inches.
    An astonishingly wide blade for a one handed weapon. I would classify this as a broadsword just because of that.
    – one-half star off because of the weight distribution makes it hard to swing. Historically accurate weight distribution should have the center of balance at 4 to 6 inches from the hilt of the sword, and this one is a whopping 10 inches from the hilt. You might as well get an axe with the weight distribution of this thing. I may want to drill into the pommel and add metal weights later on when I have time. Still works well and takes a beating. Latex rubber weapons are the way to go.
    – one half star off because there are small bubbles from the injection molding process at the tip of the blade. I’ll need to fill those in later and those could compromise the blade integrity. Still not noticeable from afar, so it will work perfect out of the box for cosplay or LARP unless if someone was inspecting it closely while you were swinging it at him.
    Overall, cheap but solid choice. Nice on the wallet, okay quality, and good for a fun time. Will last you some fights. I’m taking it for a swing later.

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