Blackened Gustav Armour Set

$444.00 $421.80

Blackened Gustav Breastplate

$111.00 $105.45

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Blackened Gustav Spaulders

$60.00 $57.00

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Blackened Gustav Full Arm Guards

$91.00 $86.45

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Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset × 2

$12.00 $11.40 each

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Blackened Gustav Full Leg Guards

$91.00 $86.45

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Blackened Gustav Gorget

$31.00 $29.45

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Blackened Gustav Greaves

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Determined, you track down the enemy through the shadowed forest. You know that you will defeat them in battle wearing the Blackened Gustav Armour Set. Firstly, this armour outfit is a package deal that includes all pieces of the dark Gustav armour. Made from 18 gauge steel, the pieces cover the neck to the thighs as well as the shoulders, arms, and legs. Most of the pieces directly secure onto the body with leather straps. However, the tassets require the use of a belt. A belt does not come included. You can check out our buckle belts here.

Furthermore, the matching design of the pieces makes it easy to create a cohesive appearance. Best of all, you’ll save 5% on the whole look! No matter if you are a medieval or fantasy character, the Blackened Gustav Armour Set will look great. In addition, you can wear it to a LARP event, Renaissance faire, or in a theatrical production.

Key Features:

  • Includes all dark Gustav pieces
  • Save 5% on entire outfit
  • Easy way to get a cohesive look
  • Wonderful for medieval and fantasy characters
  • Especially great for LARP and costume use

Here is what you get:

  • Blackened Gustav Breastplate #MY100395
  • Blackened Gustav Spaulders #MY100398
  • Blackened Gustav Full Arm Guards #MY100396
  • Blackened Gustav Shield Tasset #MY100366 (x2)
  • Blackened Gustav Full Leg Guards #MY100397
  • Blackened Gustav Gorget #MY100296
  • Blackened Gustav Greaves #MY100023


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