Templar Knight Outfit

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Templar Knight Hooded Cape

This Templar Knight Hooded Cape is made in white cotton fabric with a striking red velvet cross stitched to the left forearm area. A decorative leather snap closure secures the front, and a hood completes the cape.

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Templar Quartered Tunic

This Templar Quartered Tunic is made from white cotton. A large red velvet Templar cross is stitched to the chest. Faux leather trims the collar and shoulders. This surcoat is quartered with splits in the front, back, and sides.

Chainmail Coif

This coif features 16 gauge links in the international pattern, 4 links through a 5th, common to all European mail. Our steel chainmail coif can be worn with or without a helmet for added defense in your ensemble.

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Chainmail Shirt

This shirt features 16 gauge links combined in the international pattern, 4 links through a 5th, common to all European mail. The diameter of each outer link is about 7/16 an inch, the inner link diameter is about 3/8 an inch.

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English Arming Gambeson – optional

Archers and swordsmen need padding when practicing for battle. The English Arming Gambeson helps protect these medieval soldiers from enemy blows. Wear this arming gambeson to a LARP event, Renaissance faire, or fantasy convention.

Medieval Padded Cap – optional

This long, padded arming cap makes a good choice when wearing a bascinet or other half-closed helmets where reinforcement to the neck and back is appreciated. The Medieval Padded Cap features a design made from quilted cotton.

Medieval Buckle Belt – optional

Our Medieval Buckle Belts are made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather. It is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths and a variety of colors. They are a must for anyone going to the fair and they go great with any outfit.

Leather Sword Hanger – optional

This sword hanger is hand crafted from the finest quality leather. This frog has three different size adjustments to perfectly fit your sword, ensuring that you can always keep your trusty sword at your side.

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The Knights Templar were a mysterious order during the Crusades. Join their powerful ranks by wearing this Templar Knight Outfit on your campaign. This fantastic knight bundle includes pieces of chainmail, clothing, and optional items. The cape and tunic both feature the historical Knights Templar design of a red cross on a white background. The tunic comes in two sizes. Next, the chainmail coif and shirt come in 16 gauge steel links. Together, these items easily create a fantastic look for any Templar Knight. Even better, you save 5 percent on all the items when purchasing this bundle.

To elevate your comfort and functionality further, add the optional items. The padded cap and arming gambeson make wearing chainmail more comfortable. They come in two colors while the gambeson also comes in four sizes. Next, the belt and sword hanger add functionality by giving you the option of carrying a sword, not included. This Templar Knight Outfit is wonderful for LARP battles, cosplay events, and reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing and chainmail
  • Optional items add comfort and functionality
  • Easy way to get a fantastic Crusader look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Templar Knight Hooded Cape #101595
  • Templar Quartered Tunic #101594
  • Chainmail Coif #300188
  • Chainmail Shirt #300170

Optional Items:

  • English Arming Gambeson #101693
  • Medieval Padded Cap #MH-CL0504
  • Medieval Buckle Belt #DK2014
  • Leather Sword Hanger #200012


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