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Galahad Paladin Complete Armour Set

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Galahad Steel Cuirass

With the Galahad Steel Cuirass upon your torso, you stand proud, brave, and well protected despite the panic of war as you defend the realm. This handcrafted steel cuirass is ideal for knights of fantasy and historical inspiration.

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Kaspar Steel Gorget

Neck protection is a vital part of any soldiers armour. The Kaspar Steel Gorget does the job with style. Inspired by the armour worn by 16th and 17th century fighters, this Renaissance gorget is handcrafted from high-quality steel.

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Galahad Steel Spaulders

Move with haste, good knight! Enemy forces hold our royal monarch hostage. We must recover our noble leader. The weight of the kingdom rests on your shoulders. Gird them in the protective strength of the Galahad Steel Spaulders.

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Galahad Steel Tassets

An unforeseen peril overshadows the kingdom. The monarch calls upon the worthy knight to expel the darkness from the land. The Galahad Steel Tassets guard your mighty limbs while you discover the evil source and set things right.

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Steel Galahad Shield Tasset

With its classic design, the Steel Galahad Shield Tasset matches a variety of armour pieces, allowing you to create a unique LARP character while strengthening your defense. Paint your own herald across its center for further customization.

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Steel Markward Gauntlets

The Steel Markward Gauntlets come in an elongated design with an integrated cuff that provides extra protection to the forearm of the wearer. The steel gauntlets display a bright metal finish that goes great with other steel armour.

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Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

When it came to comprehensive protection in battle, knights often relied on chainmail to help withstand an enemys blows. The Alaric Chainmail Hauberk provides coverage from torso to thigh as well as the entire length of the arms.

Kaldor Steel Helmet – optional

Gather your trusted knights and arm your mighty soldiers. The kingdom must be safe from the cruel overlord. Show the strength of your leadership and reclaim your land with your proud head enclosed in the Kaldor Steel Helmet.

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Abraxas Canvas Robe – optional

The Abraxas Canvas Robe is the perfect base for any medieval or Renaissance outfit. This historic robe pairs well with almost anything and comes in several colors, allowing for endless opportunities to mix and match this piece.

Leon Broad Buckle Belt – optional

The elaborate detail of the Leon Broad Buckle Belt signifies wealth and status. Whether you are a knight, mercenary, traveling merchant, or noble, this fine accessory offers versatility and style for LARP and historical reenactment.

Clemens Suede Gloves – optional

Details make an outfit, and the Clemens Suede Gloves are just right for a variety of medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy occasions. Accent any outfit with these sturdy and soft suede leather gloves, offered in a variety of colors.

Einhard Boots – optional

Any traveler crossing distant lands needs to wear proper footwear. Wear these premium leather Einhard Boots for a more historical look. With any costume or outfit, they are ideal to wear for a faire, reenactment, or LARP event.

Leopold Gambeson – optional

Keep yourself comfortable and safe underneath your armour with the Leopold Gambeson. Made of canvas with polyester padding, this arming jacket features versatile short sleeves, a stylish high collared neck, and five adjustable straps.

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When marching forth to meet the enemy, a crusader should be dressed for the battlefield. With the Galahad Paladin Complete Armour Set, you will be. This armour set includes most of the Galahad armour pieces and more. The armour pieces and chainmail cover a knight from the waist up to the neck for a truly imposing outfit.

A variety of accessories are also available. Many of the other pieces come in different colors. The gloves, robes, boots, and gambeson are available in different sizes as well. This complete armour bundle allows you to easily create an impressive appearance. Also, buying this ensemble saves you 5 percent on the whole bundle. You can wear this Galahad Paladin armour set to LARP events, conventions, or historical reenactments.

Key Features:

  • Includes Galahad armour pieces and more
  • Multiple optional accessories
  • Easy way to create an impressive look
  • Save 5 percent on complete knight outfit
  • Great for LARP events and cosplay

Here is what you get:

  • Galahad Steel Cuirass #MY100612
  • Kaspar Steel Gorget #MY100635
  • Galahad Steel Spaulders #MY100222
  • Galahad Steel Tassets #MY100223
  • Steel Galahad Shield Tasset #MY100422
  • Steel Markward Gauntlets #MY100091
  • Alaric Chainmail Hauberk #MCI-3223

Optional Accessories:

  • Kaldor Steel Helmet #MY100224
  • Abraxas Canvas Robe #MY100243
  • Leon Broad Buckle Belt #MY100520
  • Clemens Suede Gloves #MY100784
  • Einhard Boots #MY100933
  • Leopold Gambeson #MY100402


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