Steel Lucas Armour Set

$147.00 $139.65

Steel Lucas Youth Breastplate

$51.00 $48.45

2 in stock

Steel Lucas Youth Gorget

$36.00 $34.20

Available on backorder

Steel Lucas Youth Greaves

$20.00 $19.00

6 in stock

Steel Lucas Youth Bracers

$20.00 $19.00

5 in stock

Steel Lucas Shield Tasset × 2

$10.00 $9.50 each

Available on backorder

Available on backorder

The sun shines bright on your childs departure for their grand adventure. They have set off wearing the Steel Lucas Armour Set to protect them. To begin with, this kids armour outfit is a package deal that includes all pieces of the steel Lucas youth armour. Made from 18 gauge steel, the pieces cover the neck to the thighs as well as the arms and lower legs. Most of the pieces directly secure onto the body with leather straps. However, the tassets require the use of a belt. A belt does not come included.

Furthermore, the matching design of the pieces makes it easy to create a cohesive appearance. Best of all, you’ll save 5% on the whole look! Be sure to get this youth armour package for your young warriors and knights. They can wear this set to any roleplaying event or Renaissance faire.

Key Features:

  • Includes all steel Lucas pieces
  • Save 5% on entire outfit
  • Easy way to get a cohesive look
  • Wonderful for young warriors
  • Especially great for LARP and costume use

Here is what you get:

  • Steel Lucas Youth Breastplate #MY100039
  • Steel Lucas Youth Gorget #MY100230
  • Steel Lucas Youth Greaves #MY100027
  • Steel Lucas Youth Bracers #MY100011
  • Steel Lucas Shield Tasset #MY100532 (x2)


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