Blackened Dragomir Armour Outfit

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Blackened Dragomir Spaulders

$187.00 $177.65

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Blackened Dragomir Cuirass

Blackened Dragomir Gorget

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Blackened Dragomir Bracers

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Blackened Dragomir Armour Belt

Blackened Dragomir Leg Guards

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Blackened Dragomir Greaves

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Aulber Canvas Gambeson

Kasimir Canvas Trousers

Raimund Boots

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The Blackened Dragomir Armour Outfit is all you need to embrace your inner dark warrior. This set includes all the pieces of the Blackened Dragomir armour. Its striking fantasy style will set you apart on the LARP battlefield. This means you’ll get the gorget, spaulders, cuirass, armour belt, bracers, leg guards, and greaves. Optional add-ons include the Aulber Canvas Gambeson, Kasimir Canvas Trousers, and Raimund Boots.

These armour pieces are all 18 gauge mild steel with a blackened finish. Their segmentation is both visually impressive to behold and practical. The black armour is articulated. In other words, it moves with the body, allowing for a bit more mobility. Additionally, adjustable leather straps secure the armour pieces to each other and to the wearer.

Next, the Aulber Canvas Gambeson comes in a great variety of colors and sizes, so you can match this armoured look to your own personal style. The Kasimir Pants and Raimund boots are a staple in any medieval or fantasy closet.

Now you can make your medieval fantasy outfit effortless. With this bundle, you’ll get all the perfectly matched pieces of armour for a great price. Above all, you save 5% when purchasing this set! Finally, get set for battle the easy way with this medieval fantasy armour set.

Key Features:

  • Includes all Blackened Dragomir Armour with optional clothing
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5% on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, Ren faires, and more

Included Blackened Dragomir Armour Pieces:

  • Gorget #MY101056
  • Spaulders #MY101060
  • Cuirass #MY101062
  • Armour Belt #MY101058
  • Bracers #MY101050
  • Leg Guards #MY101052
  • Greaves #MY101054

Optional Clothing and Arming Wear

  • Aulber Canvas Gambeson #MY100872
  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers #MY100098
  • Raimund Boots #MY100330


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