ConQuest Warcrafted Armour

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Join the Great Host in battling the unnatural beings that threaten not only the Mirror World, but your realm as well. Become an Angel of Death before the Undead, no Ratio, and Black Ice armies with the ConQuest Warcrafted Armour. Fashioned from 18-gauge galvanized mild steel, this armour package includes the two-piece cuirass, pauldrons, arm bracers, and greaves. The spaulders feature stylized sword-breakers and edging that creates the look of angel wings. The layered, intricately detailed cutouts on the breastplate and backplate contribute to the fantasy theme. Each arm bracers possesses an attached couter, providing protection for the elbows. The greaves with poleyns guard the knees and lower legs. Adjustable leather buckle straps secure each piece, and create a customized fit. Fulfill your role as an Angel of Death with the Conquest Warcrafted Armour.

Key Features

  • Official Conquest Warcrafted Armour
  • Features the breastplate, backplate, and pauldrons
  • Includes the arm bracers and greaves with poleyns
  • White cape not included, and is currently not sold separately
  • Chainmail skirt not included
  • Secured and adjusted via buckle straps
  • Perfect for ConQuest and other LARP events


  • Armour crafted from 18 gauge galvanized mild steel
  • Fittings made from top-grain leather

Care Instructions:

Armour Measurements:

  • Suggested Chest Size for Cuirass: 46 to 56 Inches **Keep in mind, if you are wearing a Gambeson or Chainmail to take your measurement while you have your gear on.
  • Actual Measurements of Breastplate: 24 Inches Across Chest, 22 Inches Across Waist, 18 Inches Long from Center of Neck line to Bottom of Armour
  • Actual Measurements of Backplate: 26 Inches Across the Chest, 24 Inches Across the Waist, 19 Inches from the Center of the Neck line to the Bottom of Armour
  • Actual Measurements of Pauldrons: 23 Inches from the front of the shoulder to the back of the shoulder, 16 Inches long from the top of the shoulder down the arm towards the elbow, Swordbreakers are 3 Inches tall
  • Actual Measurements of Greaves with Knee Protection: Overall Length is 18.25 Inches, Greave Length is 11.75 Inches long, Knee is 6.5 Inches long, Width of the Knee is 12.5 Inches, Width of the Calf Area is 11.5 Inches and Width of the Ankle Area is 8.5 Inches
  • Actual Measurements of Arm Bracers with Elbow Protection: Overall Length is 14 Inches, Forearm is 8 Inches Across, Wrist is 6 Inches Across

3 reviews for ConQuest Warcrafted Armour

  1. Forrest W.

    Really nice look. Stout and well made armour. The chest restricts movement towards the center of your body though.Solving this would require opening the arm gap towards the front as little as half an inch.

  2. Zack M.

    Finally was able to get this armour which I’ve been eyeing for years. In short, it is worth every cent. It is beautiful and well made. Actually quite comfortable and light.

  3. retlaw043 (verified owner)

    I got this for a frends birthday they love it 4 years they wanted this set. The UPS driver was not happy with is the stairs that they had to clam.

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