Modern Viking Gift Guide

Modern Viking Gift Guide

It can be intimidating to shop for the modern-day Viking. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we have a gift guide to help you buy the perfect present for the modern Viking in your life. From weaponry and armour for the Viking warrior to clothing, home decor, and accessories for the lover of the Norse aesthetic, we have a wide range of our most popular Viking and Norse-themed items here. Also, they come in a range of price points, allowing you to pick what best suits your budget. Many of our pieces come in under $50, while others are over $200 for a wide variety of options to chose from. Again, choose whatever works for you and your budget!

No matter what kind of Viking or Norse fan your giftee is, we are sure to have something that they will enjoy. Don’t see something in our guide that is just right? There are links to various Viking-themed categories so you can continue your search further. Of course, part of the fun of giving a gift is seeing it all wrapped up. If you don’t like wrapping gifts or don’t feel up to the task, no worries! We offer gift wrapping for $6 on most items. Do you need to send this across the country? You can check out our ordering page for more info.

Viking Weaponry

Firstly, we list some of our most popular Viking weapons. We have many different kinds on offer. There are axes, spears, daggers, and swords for you to look at. Most of these pieces are functional. You can also find some additional decorative Viking weapons by clicking on the button below the weapons shown here. Our pieces feature a range of decoration in their design, allowing you to pick what best suits your modern Viking.

Viking Armour & Shields

Here we have a great selection of our most popular Viking defensive gear. From Viking helmets to Norse shields, there is sure to be something for your Viking warrior. Many of our pieces are perfect for a reenactor to wear to their next event. Other pieces are ideal for LARPing as a mighty Viking. Ensure that your Viking warrior is protected in battle. If you want a bit more info about the history of Viking armour to help you choose the most historical-looking piece, you can check out our article on the armour of the Vikings.

Viking Home Decor & Gifts

Maybe your favorite Viking wants to feast like a Viking or would prefer a Norse aesthetic in their space. If so, then we have some great pieces for you. From our popular drinking horns to statues of the Norse gods, our pieces suit a wide range of tastes. We not only have drinking horns, but also drinking horn stands. If your Viking already has a drinking horn, make sure that they have a place to put it! There are also trinket boxes and other Viking decor pieces to check out.

Viking Clothing

Does your modern Viking like to dress with a Norse style? If so, then maybe some Viking clothing would be the perfect gift for them! From dresses to pants and tunics, there are a lot of Norse clothing pieces to choose from. We also offer shoes as well as leg and arm wraps for perfect Viking outfits. Don’t forget to check out the full range of Viking clothing by clicking on the button underneath our most popular suggestions!

Viking Accessories

Of course no modern Viking outfit would be complete without the right accessories. We offer a great range of Viking accessories and Norse jewelry. From necklaces and rings to belts and bags, our pieces fit different Viking styles. Perhaps your modern Viking prefers a more understated look or a more colorful one. Regardless, we are sure to have something that will work for them.

Finally, if you still don’t know what to buy for your favorite Viking, you can always give them the gift of choice. With one of our awesome gift cards, you can let them pick out their perfect gift. These gift cards come in a range of prices. While it can be a bit overwhelming to choose something for a Viking, we hope that we have helped simplify the process for you with this Modern Viking Gift Guide.

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