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The Viking Throwing Axe was a light axe borrowed from the Frankish War with the Romans, when the Franks employed the weapon successfully both as a projectile and at close-quarters. With its hardwood handle, this Viking axe is approved for throwing competitions.

Repeated use of a throwing axe will cause the handle to split and crack. This is normal wear and tear, not a defect.

Key Features:

  • Well-balanced weapon
  • Authentic Design
  • Competition approved


  • Blade Length: 4.75 Inches
  • Handle Length: 26 Inches
  • Overall Length: 26 Inches
  • Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.

Item is handmade, so measurements can vary slightly from what is shown here.

4 reviews for Viking Throwing Axe

  1. Thomas A.

    Actual measurements were 24 inches long with a 5 inch cutting edge. Axe came quickly and even a decent factory edge on it.. Within a couple of hours of arrival I had a hand stitched blade cover ready and had sharpened it enough to shave. Axe is excellent quality and you can tell that the heat treat was done correctly when you slide a file down the cutting edge. I am extremely happy with the product.

  2. Mark M.

    I AGREE, Thomas A.—These axes are overlooked gems. I have this, and the bearded axe and I love them!! I would NEVER throw this axe! It’s too awesome looking to risk a broken haft! Mine hangs on the wall next to my Cawood Viking sword, and looks like it just came off a longship bound for a raid on England! KICK-AXE!!!!………..McM

  3. Daniel H.

    Ordered a couple of these, the showed quickly, (about a week as is normal for my mail service) and of course the customer service was great.
    I am very happy with the hawk heads. And they definitely stick in the taget I set up.
    Only one complaint, the handles are not hard wood suitable for throwing. Busted one on the first throw…the head stuck into the target. The second last a little longer but busted in short order. I do suggest getting yourself a real handle, Cold Steel makes a 22″ handle and I have ordered 2 and awaiting thier arrival.
    My only complaint is the soft handles. The ones on them are ok for walking around at a fair, but for acctual use. The heads are worth the price so I’m happy with with my purchase and will likely buy a couple more. Just wish that these guys carried Ash or hickory replacement handles.

  4. Dean Agiato (verified owner)

    Excellent! A handsome piece with a classic design. Love it!

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