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The Villager Boots come up to the knee and have a wrap around front that laces on the side of the boot for closure. These boots are a very simple style and will go with many different looks from Viking and barbarian to peasant and medieval. They are made from a soft microfiber, so they look like suede, and have a rubber sole. These boots are available in mens sizes small through large and are a great boot for those long days at the fair.

Key Features:

  • Rugged and Stylish
  • Very comfortable
  • Great with Any Period Clothing
  • Great High Quality Boot
Standard US Shoe sizes. Runs true to size – these are not available in Wide or Narrow, just Standard.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightBoot OpeningCalf CircumferenceAnkle CircumferenceFoot Width
Small (Size 8-9)12.5 inches1 inch 7.75 inches14.5 inches12.5 inches3.5 inches
Medium (Size 10-11)13.4 inches1 inch 8 inches15 inches13 inches3.75 inches
Large (Size 12-13)13.75 inches1 inch 8.5 inches15.75 inches14 inches4 inches

30 reviews for Villager Boots

  1. Dean C.

    Do not let the price or the fact that these boots feel very light and comfortable fool you, they are tougher than they seem. I have worn mine for approx. 30 hrs of walking on Arizona Renne Fest gravel over the last two seasons. Not only do they show very minimal wear, but they make walking on those crusty stones as comfortable as a sidewalk. Their appearance is very authentic for many basic looks, and wear nicely under a set of greaves as well. As an alternative to higher priced boots these I highly recommend.

  2. David D.

    I needed a pair of boots for a production of Shakespeare’s Richard II that were period and did not have zippers since I had to take them off onstage. These were perfect. I have very little feet and even the small could be smaller for me, but I’m sure they would be fine for normal men’s feet. There the coolest boots on the stage!

  3. Paul M.

    These boots are pretty good for the price. They’ve held up through a few faires now and have served me well.

  4. Mark B.

    If you are looking for boots to wear to a renaissance festival or such, these are the boots to choose. They are well made and comfortable. That being said, I have chosen to place insoles in them to make them a bit more comfortable.

  5. Fred H.

    I ordered these boots taking a chance. They are perfect for the LARP character I play. They are comfortable and fit well. The only downside is that they won’t be good in the snow. That’s what back ups are for.

  6. David A.

    Value for money, get the look for cheap. Great as an extra pair of boots for friend who just wants to tag along for the day to the fair or LARP.

  7. Brad S.

    These boots take a licking! Honestly, I was skeptical when I purchased them being so inexpensive, but my bagpiper and I wore them for 4 weekends at a Renaissance Faire on wicked gravel and dirt. Then it rained…alot. There was mud…alot of it. And these boots laughed at it all!

    They aren’t water “proof” but they are certainly resistant. And they clean up easily.

    The boots look great on their own and they have the cool side straps which look pretty cool on it’s own, but I wrapped leather strips around the boots and they looked even better. With some simple creativity you can really dress these up to fit any costume/period you want.

    Our ONLY complaint is they don’t all. Expect sweaty feet. But hey, it’s Ren Faire…everything sweats.


  8. Joseph T.

    I love the site, and their ordering and checking out system is top notch. These boots were great, in style and look. However, the laces snapped rather quickly. You must be careful when tightening them

  9. tylin r.

    Product was great, lasted the whole Fair, and still looked great by the end. however, I would defiantly recommend some comfortable “foot pads” like Dr scholz or something (spelling is terrible, my apologies.) these don’t come with anything and would have been very unbearable without the extra padding. but, for the price, who can complain!

  10. Mary S.

    These are an OK pair of boots. But if you are like me, and play Amtgard. I would not recommend these for fighting. Maybe feast or court. But not on the field. They look fantastic, are comfortable enough. But are a little thin and the soft microfiber wears out around the toes a bit.

  11. Josh G.

    Like another has mentioned, buy an insole for these boots. They are pretty sturdy, but don’t get high marks for comfort. For the price, I think its an excellent buy, and with planning, the comfort isn’t an issue.

  12. Adrian H.

    These boots look great and fit well but they were a bit difficult for me to put on. They also squeak when I walk so i need to figure out how to get them to stop because no one is intimidated by a warrior with squeaky boots.

  13. Joseph K.

    These boots are a great choice for a medieval look on a tight budget. I am a size 12 shoe so I got the large brown ones and they were quite comfortable. As other reviewers have said, buy some comfort insoles if you’re going to be walking a lot at the ren faire. I wore these to my wedding and they looked great.

  14. James Curcio (verified owner)

    Fantastic entry level boots. Real-leather look, solid construction, comfortable (despite the lack of arch support). They are a little difficult to put on because the tongue is very long and doesn’t sit perfectly square to the shin, and, as other reviews have reported, they don’t let your feet breathe at all, as if you had them wrapped in plastic bags. But these are VERY minor issues at this price point. Great boots.

  15. mbaldassarre (verified owner)

    These were the first set of boots I bought, and while I did not end up keeping them it was not for lack of quality. The trouble I had was first with sizing, then with availability.

    With regards to sizing… I wear an 8 1/2 (US) Men’s shoe. So per the menu above, I bought the “Small.” They were WAY to small. I though it may have bee a women’s 8-9. SO I returned that pair. (And MC was, of course, gave top-notch support with regards to the return, and got my replacement order shipped out super fast. So kudos there!) Figuring that the small was not even CLOSE to fitting I went all the way to the Large. Mistake. They were way too big. Lol. Again, MC was great with the return, but the mediums were out of stock at that time, so I took the store credit and with with something different.

    All that said? These were very good quality for the price. They’re not something you would wear EVERY DAY, but they did appear well put together and the design was perfect for what I was looking for. I can’t say for sure how they are comfort-wise, as neither pair was even close to being a good fit for me, BUT you may want to consider adding some kind of cushion / insert / arch-support / etc… as the sole is very thin and gives little padding or support. But for a day reenacting, or at the ren-fair or costume-party? Excellent quality, possibly even over-designed, for the price.

    JUST DON’T GET A “SMALL” IF YOU’RE AN ACTUAL 8-9! Lol. (Just my experience anyway, YMMV.)

  16. Paul Harris (verified owner)

    To be clear I have not had a chance to actually use these yet, but I was quite pleased that they did fit my ‘difficult’ feet. I wear men’s 10 & 1/2 extra-wide, but typically have to buy 11 or 12 due to no ‘extra-wide’ available, & my feet are very thick top-to-bottom so difficulty with most any boot, so I bought the LARGE (MENS 12-13). They are a bit difficult getting on & as another customer mentioned the tongue section is hard to control, but once on they do seem quite comfortable. May need a comfort insole added for long use periods.

    The quality does seem to be very well made, and the look is excellent!

    I had an issue figuring out the best way to do the laces/knots (still not sure of the best way to do them as I haven’t had the opportunity to use them yet (Coronavirus cancelled all ren-faire plans). I would recommend maybe some explanation of the proper use of the laces to be included either on the web-site or with the order (or both?).

    They seem to be a great value for the price.

  17. Zachary Boyle (verified owner)

    Just got these in today! First impression is that these boots are very light, however they dont feel super cheap. They are very comfy! I put them on and hung out a few hours to see if they would get really hot but to my surprise I had no heat issues. The strings are kind of difficult to figure out how to tie in a manner that’s strong but doesn’t leave to much excess string flopping around but after I got them all tied it felt great! Love the boots and am very pleased with my order! Only 4 stars because I haven’t the chance to try them out outside yet to see how they feel on something other than carpet.

  18. beniboyelf (verified owner)

    so I bought these boots for an alternate option for my usual go-to boots, however, I couldn’t find my usual boots and had to use these instead last minute. I’ll tell you I was super happy with them, they felt amazing and of course looked great with the rest of my kit I will certainly be using them for more outfits in the future.

  19. Matthew Heisler (verified owner)

    Great fit! Warm to wear (surprising to me at the least.) Easy to adjust (easier if you know how to tie at more than a kindergarten level of tying shoes.) Easy to slip on. They look good, easy to clean, comfortability is decent unless you’re going to be running a decent amount, then they might start to hurt. .

  20. Paul Butvich (verified owner)

    I am quite happy with these boots and with Medieval Collectibles. Was worried about sizing as I am a 10, but the Mediums aren’t too big and I am able to tighten and tie the upper portions nice and snug. Great cheaper option for some period-esque footwear.

  21. dml504 (verified owner)

    Very good boot. Comfortable and stylish.

  22. willbrown2501 (verified owner)

    Way better than expected. Not only do they look incredible, but they are extremely comfortable! I got a size up just in case and they still fit and function great! Very good pair of boots!

  23. Thomas Woods (verified owner)

    Very nice boots in this price range. I shopped around a lot before purchasing and always came back to these boots. Glad I did. Comfortable, good quality, nice fit and look. I normally wear a size 11 to 11.5. The medium size fit perfectly for me.

  24. Anthony Brittingham (verified owner)

    These are fantastic! They work great. I wear a mens 10 1/2 and previously bought a pair in that size range and they weren’t too comfortable. I upped to the large size and they’re perfect. I was able to was padding into the bottom to make them comfortable and still have plenty of room. Other than that these are great!

  25. jeffk (verified owner)

    These boots are very nice. Very comfortable to wear. Much like others have mentioned, the soles are somewhat thin, so, walking on gravel all day at the Renfair gets to be a little rough. Will be looking into some insoles to place in there to help cushion them. Otherwise, I love these boots.

  26. joel.stormageddon (verified owner)

    These are pretty good. I got them a few months ago and have been wearing them nearly daily. The only damage has been water damage from rain. Other than that, these are pretty good.

  27. Chad Dion (verified owner)

    These are decent boots , Good for the pricing. I would say they def feel good but I dont know how long they would last on the higher use.

  28. Valley Viking (verified owner)

    I purchased these boots to go with my Viking kit. Go with one size bigger. I returned the first pair and re ordered the bigger size the same day. Very quick shipping by the way. The new size fits perfectly. The color and style go very well with my kit. I just got them yesterday and worn them for a little bit to get a feel. I realized I need to get Dr. Scholls because a day at the Faire or in a parade. My feet won’t make it. Other than that, totally worth the price. I actually got to use points and a coupon with my purchase which was even better. Great company to shop with. Very satisfied.

  29. marshy-chuckle09 (verified owner)

    Great boots for the price. Just be aware of what you are getting for this price. These have a nice overall outer look, but the material is sorta “plasticky” on the inside with a thin rubber/plastic sole. There isn’t going to be any foot or ankle support with the and they are what I would largely call “stage boots” that one would wear during a play or something. They get the job done though and look like they will hold up reasonably well under normal use. Just don’t expect to be running over rough terrain or mud with these.

  30. mdbestgen (verified owner)

    I normally wear a men’s 10 1/2 wide or an 11 regular, and the large size was the perfect width and only a little too long. One nice thing about these boots is that they’re soft in the heel, so if they’re a little loose they won’t rub against your heel like a modern boot might. That combined with the adjustable straps means they’re totally comfortable even if they’re a bit too large. They held up in light mud and on gravel, and with some gel insoles my feet felt great even after a long day. And I got compliments on how they look! Overall I would highly recommend.

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