Viking Weapons

The Vikings used all sorts of weapons on their raids. Whether you prefer an axe, sword, or spear, we have a great variety of Viking weapons to choose from. From functional to decorative, Medieval Collectibles is proud to offer such a large selection of Nordic weapons. Our axes include both single and double-headed axes, with and without a haft, allowing you to truly customize your look. The array of Viking swords varies from single handed to two handed styles. They include functional, ready for battle swords as well as ones perfect for stage combat or adding a martial look to your office. We also have Viking daggers and spears. If you want the look but not the danger, we have foam LARP weapons for you to enjoy. Carry these fantastic LARP axes, seaxes, and more into your next roleplaying battle. Browse our fantastic selection of Viking weapons and choose one for the warrior within.

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