Pirate’s Baldric

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Pirates were notorious for carrying a wide assortment of weapons, and not all of them were always visible. This Pirates Baldric is a great way to carry a blade or a pistol in open view, showing off your preferred weapon in a fight. This baldric is completely adjustable in many different ways. Like a traditional baldric, it is worn over the shoulder, suspending a frog at the side of the waist for easy carrying and use, while keeping the weight of the weapon on the shoulder, as opposed to on the waist. This baldric is available in two different colors, with the black baldric being all black, while the brown baldric is stitched and features a simple gold-yellow line along the leather. The front of the baldric features a buckled closure for adjusting its size and fit, while the frog on the baldric features three buckled closures, allowing it to be adjusted to accommodate all manner of different weapons. Comfortable and easy to wear, this Pirates Baldric is a great way to keep your weapon at your side, whether you are a salty sea-sailor off to pirate the trade routes or a lawful navy man, off to defend the merchants from villainous pirates.

Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality Fabric and Leather
  • Handcrafted for Superior Quality and Detail
  • A Traditional and Adjustable Shoulder Baldric
  • Available in Two Colors: Brown Is Stitched, Black is Not
  • Baldric Frog is Triple Belted to Allow for Unlimited Adjustment
  • Intended for Wear on the Right Side
  • A Must-have For Anyone Looking to Carry a Weapon at their Side
  • Ideal for Use at LARP Events, Renaissance Fairs, Theater Productions, and More

Chest Circumference
One Size60.25 inches

2 reviews for Pirate’s Baldric

  1. Chris J.

    Another amazing high quality product , the leather is heavy and the workmanship is amazing ! Definately worth the price, im truly satisfied !

  2. davidceberhart (verified owner)

    Mixed results here. For $120.00 I expected quality and its okay. The leather is good and thick but the rivets are cheap. It is designed very well and fits my body like a glove. But the buckles on the Baldrick are missing the loops, as scene in the picture, to keep the ends of the straps tight. Its a good piece, but the faults I’ve listed keep it from being great. Buy knowing that it has some imperfections and will need a little love and skill to perfect.

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