Adventurer’s Pouch Harness

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A good adventurer knows that you never know what you are going to find in the field, so having equipment that does many things at once is always a good thing. This Adventurer’s Pouch Harness certainly performs many useful tasks. Named because it is so useful to adventurers, this versatile harness is designed for the intrepid medieval or fantasy explorer. Made from 9-10 ounce leather, the harness comes in two colors and three sizes. It also fits on either the left or right shoulder. It consists of a shoulder strap and a narrower strap that runs horizontally across the chest.

Adorning the front of the harness are three useful pouches, all secured with buckled straps, ensuring that you can store all manner of little trinkets and useful oddities within close and easy reach. They run across the shoulder strap in front. At the hip is a simple sword frog, which allows you to carry a LARP blade at your side, for moments when courage needs to be backed by a weapon. It is a loop of leather on the chest strap. On the back, the shoulder strap has a strap running across it. This smaller strap has a buckle. Between the strap in the back and the pouches in front, the shoulder has some holes for attaching other pieces of armour, not included.

If you are planning to go out adventuring and you want to get the most out of your attire, than you are going to need this Adventurer’s Pouch Harness. Take it with you to your next roleplaying event.

Please note that the pauldron shown above does not come included.

Key Features:

  • High quality and well detailed
  • Comes in two colors and three sizes
  • Sits on either shoulder
  • Features three buckled pouches and a sword frog
  • Great for adventurers, thieves, rogues, and more
  • Ideal for use at LARP events, renaissance fairs, theater productions, and more


  • Made from 9-10 ounce leather
Chest CircumferenceOver the Shoulder Circumference
Medium32-39 inches40 inches
Large38-44 inches40 inches
X-Large45-51 inches45 inches

4 reviews for Adventurer’s Pouch Harness

  1. Roman R.

    Great piece! Leather was already soft and wearable as soo as it arrived! I have a 52″ chest. And it fit how i wanted it, for my barbarian costume. I needed to fashion a small something for the cross harness, other than that, it was perfect! Though it should be noted, that if you wear a 2X shirt, this may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

  2. Robert H.

    The quality and look is great, and it would have looked so awesome with my other armor, but it is quite small. I could barely get the buckle done up with just my shirt. I can’t get it over my armor though. I’m really sad that it didn’t fit me…and I’m a 42 inch chest. My daughter however, was beyond happy that it’s now hers. I wish it could have been bigger, but I guess it was meant to be part of my daughter’s Ren Fest costume.

  3. paul cox (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this! Seems very well made and i love the functionality of it. The pouches on the harness work great for putting money or you wallet in. I actually can fit my iPhone 12 Pro in one but wont be able to strap it closed, although it fits pretty snug in it, I don’t think it will fall out. Great piece to add to you outfit! Highly recommend!

  4. Mr.Berry (verified owner)

    This piece is great, the pouches are not just for decoration and can hold items that your pocket can hold but let’s say your pockets are full or Mayne you don’t have any at all. The leather is soft and well made down to each button and strap. Fits well even for a big guy like me.
    Also the cool looking leather armor does not come with this item. Haven’t found them yet but will get those too.

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