Summer To Fall Ren Faire Outfits

How to Wear Summer Faire Clothes in Fall

When it begins to get cooler for fall, do you wish that the warm weather could last just a bit longer? Do you wish that you could wear your favorite summer Ren faire outfit into the fall? Or maybe you just aren’t sure what to wear for the fall faire season? In this post, we hope to answer some of your questions on how you can wear your summer medieval clothes in fall Ren faire outfits.

What does Your Summer Ren Faire Outfit Look Like?

What your summer faire wardrobe looks like will depend on your tastes and aesthetics. However, for illustration, we will use some of our most popular pieces. These pieces feature designs that are common amongst summer outfits. For a sample medieval men’s outfit, we include the Bastian Shirt, the Kasimir Canvas Trousers, and the Heinrich Ankle Boots. For a sample medieval womens outfit, we feature the Women’s Pirate Shirt, the Ursula Light Cotton Skirt, and the Raimund Boots. We will start with these pieces and explain how you can mix and match them with other pieces to create a fall wardrobe.

  • Heinrich Ankle Boots

    Heinrich Ankle Boots

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  • Bastian Shirt

    Bastian Shirt

    SKU: MY100105 $38.00 Add to Cart
  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers

    Kasimir Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY100098 $40.00 Add to Cart
  • Women's Pirate Shirt

    Women’s Pirate Shirt

    SKU: MCI-2341 $33.00 Add to Cart
  • Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

    Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

    SKU: MY100358 $50.00$57.00 Add to Cart
  • Raimund Boots

    Raimund Boots

    SKU: MY100330 $100.00 Add to Cart

What are the Ways of Changing Ren Faire Looks for the Fall?

There are a few different ways that you can change up your summer Ren faire clothes for fall. One of the easiest ways of doing this is with layering other pieces over the top of your existing pieces. This is a very historically accurate way of changing up your looks for fall. This is still done even with modern clothing.

When it comes to layering with medieval clothing, you have a variety of options. For example, you could add a vest or waistcoat to the men’s shirt mentioned earlier. This would create another layer between you and the elements. If you wanted to layer with tunics, you could easily do so with an undertunic and a tunic like the Leif Viking Undertunic and the Erik Viking Tunic. For a womens outfit, another version of this would be an underdress and an overdress. You can also wear petticoats or underskirts underneath your outer skirt.

  • Tilly Canvas Waistcoat

    Tilly Canvas Waistcoat

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  • Fletcher Canvas Vest

    Fletcher Canvas Vest

    SKU: MY100939 $40.00 Add to Cart
  • Leif Viking Undertunic

    Leif Viking Undertunic

    SKU: BG-1012 $35.99 Add to Cart
  • Erik Viking Tunic

    Erik Viking Tunic

    SKU: BG-1007 $45.99 Add to Cart
  • Lientje Canvas Apron Dress

    Lientje Canvas Apron Dress

    SKU: MY100459 $38.00 Add to Cart
  • Alina Underdress

    Alina Underdress

    SKU: MY100126 $30.00$32.00 Add to Cart
  • Caty Suede Bodice

    Caty Suede Bodice

    SKU: MY100122 $70.00$71.00 Add to Cart
  • Orthello Suede Leather Vest

    Orthello Suede Leather Vest

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How to Wear Summer Faire Clothes in Fall

Ren Faire Outerwear for Fall

As a part of layering in general, you will want to look at adding outerwear to your fall Ren faire clothes. Not only does it add style, but it also helps keep the wind and weather away from the body. Cloaks, coats, and robes are great options for wearing over the top of your clothes. Hooded ones, like the Aaron Wool Cloak, are even better as they help to shield your head from cooling winds. You can wear just the hood, rather than the whole cloak, if you would prefer. We offer a variety of hoods with mantles for you to choose from.

  • Aaron Wool Cloak

    Aaron Wool Cloak

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  • Gora Wool Cloak

    Gora Wool Cloak

    SKU: MY100409
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  • Bron Canvas Hood

    Bron Canvas Hood

    SKU: MY100263 $15.00$17.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Hooded Cloak with Leather Fastener

    Medieval Hooded Cloak with Leather Fastener

    SKU: MCI-305 $125.00$135.00 Add to Cart

Changing up the Style of Your Medieval Fall Outfit

Another option for wearing your Ren faire outfits into the fall is to change up the style slightly, sometimes with additional pieces. For example, wearing longer clothing is a great idea. It is easier for wind to chill you if you are wearing short sleeves or short pants. If your summer outfit already has long sleeves or long pants, then you could wear something over the top, such as arm and leg warmers.

Another accessory that you could wear to add some warmth would be a hat that covers the head. There is a reason that children are told to wear a hat. It helps to keep a head warm. Covering up more of your body is a great idea as it gets colder. You can even do this with choosing different footwear, such as taller boots.

  • Stefan Canvas Beret

    Stefan Canvas Beret

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  • Viking Winingas

    Viking Winingas

    SKU: BG-1059
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  • Wool Hamond Leg Wraps

    Wool Hamond Leg Wraps

    SKU: MY100743 $24.00$27.00 Add to Cart
  • Stefan Wool Beret

    Stefan Wool Beret

    SKU: MY100702 $15.00 Add to Cart
  • Haddock Jackboots

    Jackboots by Haddocks

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  • Villager Boots

    Villager Boots

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How to Wear Summer Faire Clothes in Fall

Changing out the Materials of Your Ren Faire Outfit

If you are wanting to keep the same style from your summer Ren faire looks, but are fine with wearing slightly different pieces, then changing out the materials for the fall may be a good choice. Going from cotton to wool is one such option. Many of our pieces, especially from Mytholon, have options in a wool blend. For example, the Ursula skirt mentioned earlier also comes in a wool version. There are canvas and wool versions of the Bron Hood, Aaron Cloak, Tilly Waistcoat, and many other pieces.

  • Tilly Wool Vest

    Tilly Wool Vest

    SKU: MY101306 $88.00$99.00 Add to Cart
  • Tronde Wool Tunic

    Tronde Wool Tunic

    SKU: MY100787 $44.00 Add to Cart
  • Wilma Wool Dress

    Wilma Wool Dress

    SKU: MY100701 $77.00$87.00 Add to Cart
  • Benson Wool Gugel Hood

    Benson Wool Gugel Hood

    SKU: MY100486 $48.00 Add to Cart
  • Ursula Wool Skirt

    Ursula Wool Skirt

    SKU: MY100480 $74.00$118.00 Add to Cart
  • Ketill Wool Pants

    Ketill Wool Pants

    SKU: MY100449 $50.00$57.00 Add to Cart
  • Gadaric Wool Tunic

    Gadaric Wool Tunic

    SKU: MY100440
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  • Bron Wool Cloak

    Bron Wool Cloak

    SKU: MY100436 $115.00 Add to Cart
How to Wear Summer Faire Clothes in Fall

Add Some Fall Colors to Your Ren Faire Outfits

In addition to changing out the fabrics, if you are interested in creating a more autumnal style, you can also add in fall colors to your medieval look. Adding colors such as reds and browns works well. A large portion of our items are available in brown. There are multiple pieces in dark red options such as Bordeaux and burgundy. With certain pieces, you can easily add a touch of fall to your look just through the color alone.

The Lace Overlay Waist Cincher is one such example. Depending on your preference, you could choose this piece in gold, copper, amber, red, burgundy, and many more colors. You could just wear it over the top of a white blouse, like the Women’s Pirate Shirt mentioned earlier, with a brown skirt and you have an autumn-themed look. Without it, a white blouse and brown skirt easily work together for a summer look.

  • Lace Overlay Waist Cincher

    Lace Overlay Waist Cincher

    SKU: MCI-589-12
    Rated 0 out of 5
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  • Breanna Bodice - Burgundy Wine

    Breanna Bodice – Burgundy Wine

    SKU: HC-1015
    Rated 0 out of 5
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  • Lenora Wool Dress

    Lenora Wool Dress

    SKU: MY100458
    Rated 0 out of 5
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  • Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt

    Ursula Premium Canvas Skirt

    SKU: MY100359 $50.00$57.00 Add to Cart


Here we went over how you can transition your summer Ren faire outfits into the fall. From layering to adding some colorful accessories, you can really change up your look as much or as little as you want. Whether you plan to dress for colder weather or just want to add some rich color, it is up to you. How do you like to wear your summer Ren faire clothes in the fall?

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