How to Level up Your Costume

How to Level Up Your Costume

Do you want to jazz up your Halloween costume? Maybe you wish that it was a little bit more exciting but are not sure what to do? Here, we want to give you some ideas on how to level up your costume. We list three levels of changes that you can make to your outfit, and we walk you through few men’s and women’s costumes as examples.

Leveling Up a Medieval Lady’s Costume

Let us start with the Womens Noble Lady Costume. This costume includes a dress and a crown. To begin with, this costume does not include any shoes. So right away, you could level up this existing look with a pair of shoes. If you were wanting a more medieval look, the Lady Janes Shoes are an option. However, the Chic Witch Boots easily provide the pointed toe and heel pictured with the costume. Also, over the top of the costume, you could wear a short or long cloak as well.

For level 2 of upgrading this costume, you could switch out the included crown for one of your choice.  A couple of great options that have the pointed look as the original are the Silver Draped Crystal Crown and the Sovereign Royal Mini Crown. You can add these on top of the level ups already mentioned. For Level 3, if you want the style of dress but don’t mind changing color or upgrading the entire look, you could choose a dress with a bodice. There are multiple dresses to choose from, such as the Lenora Premium Cotton Dress, the Windsor Gown, and the Berengaria Gown.

How to Level Up a Robin Hood Costume

Switching to a men’s costume, let’s look at the Mens Rugged Robin Hood Costume. A few easy pieces to change up the costume at Level 1 would be a pair of pants, shoes, and archery gear. For the pants and boots, you could wear the Two Piece Buckled Boots with the Kasimir Canvas Trousers. When it comes to the archery equipment, you have a range of options. If you are simply wanting a costume set, then the Archer’s Bow and Arrow Prop Set is ideal. Beyond that, we have LARP bows and arrows as well as traditional archery equipment.

For level 2, add the previous items and switch out some of the existing accessories. It would be easy to change out the bag, belt, and gloves for some real leather pieces. For a full level 3, all-out change, you could switch out the shirt and vest for the Rurik Canvas Shirt with the Orthello Suede Leather Vest and the Bron Suede Hood.

Ways to Level Up a Medieval Wench Costume

For the second medieval women’s costume, we are going to look at the popular Womens Tavern Maiden Costume. This women’s Halloween costume is a very fun idea that’s easy to customize and make it your own. For level 1, we would suggest including a tankard or stein such as the Double Headed Eagle Crest Beer Stein as well as a pair of shoes like the Noble Lady’s Boots. Along with these accessories, you could customize the costume to fit a slightly different aesthetic if you wanted to. For example, a pirate hat would be great for a wench in a sea-side tavern.

For level 2, you can switch out the belt on the costume, in addition to the previous items in level 1. For level 3, you will want to put together a bodice, blouse, and a skirt or two. The Ladies Faire Blouse with the Ursula Canvas Bodice looks perfect. Pair them with a skirt like the Ursula Light Cotton Skirt or the Medieval Gathered Skirt. For additional accessories, you can even include a skirt hike as well as a bag or other functional accessories.

Leveling up a Men’s Knight Costume

The Noble Knight Men’s Costume takes the place of the fourth costume that we will be looking at. Knights are incredibly popular characters at Halloween and at other dress-up events. This costume pictures but does not include pants, boots, or a sword. We have lots of decorative swords for you to choose from. Just keep in mind that some events may require that you keep the sword tied into its sheath or may not allow you to bring it a weapon at all. Besides a sword, you can add pants and boots like the Kasimir pants and Two Piece Buckled Boots mentioned earlier.

For level 2, you can switch out the belt for a more decorated piece such as the Crusaders Buckle Belt. If you were wanting a more regal look to your knight’s costume, then you could add a crown. We offer a variety of kings’ crowns.

For a level 3 complete upgrade, we will take inspiration from the chainmail look of the neck and arms of the costume. You could wear an aluminum chainmail shirt for a lighter weight and lower maintenance version. Over the top, you could wear a tabard. If you wanted one with a more heraldic design like the costume, the Rampant Lion Baron Surcoat and the Heraldic Lions Quilted Surcoat are good options.

Overview of How to Level Up Your Costume

We just finished up how you can take your costume to the next level using some different examples. Starting with level 1, we mention items that you could add to these existing costumes. When it came to level 2, we showed how you can switch out some of the accessories in the costume to customize your look! Finally, with level 3, you could take the design inspiration of the original and build a whole outfit from faire and reenactment-ready pieces. We hope that this gives you some great ideas of ways that you can change and level up your costumes! How do you like to take your costume to the next level?

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