Great to Wear

Thanks, Mya! So I don’t really need to phone them after all. It was the word “Exception” that alarmed me, having not seen it before from UPS. I’ll be happy to see the brown overdress. As I said in my review of the green one I already have, I’ve found they’re great just to wear around the house with a turtleneck underneath. Maybe the UPS and FedEx drivers think I look a bit strange in my medieval costume, but I’m comfortable. The fabric is also good if you have two cats, as I do, who like to take turns sleeping on my lap. The canvas is tough enough to withstand them kneading their paws as they settle down, without tearing the fabric or puncturing me through it 🙂 . (I doubt if the company wants to advertise the fabric as “cat proof”, but just thought I’d mention one of its lesser-known good qualities!)

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