Great People

I am writing to let you know of the experience I had on the phone this morning with Haley. I can not even explain to you how happy she turned around a sad situation for me. First things first your company must value its customers because I had placed the order online the night before and Haley called me right away to let me know that the two knives I ordered were out of stock but before I even had a chance to have any reaction at all to this Haley let me know that she had found a replacement for one of the knives, a Scottish Dagger. Unfortunately there was nothing similar to the Bowie knife I ordered and Haley was not sure when it would be back in stock. I had Remembered when placing my order there was another more expensive knife I was thinking of buying but did not so I decided to buy it then. Haley made sure all I had to do was log into PayPal and approve the extra money request and all was taken care of she even told me that she made a note for herself to let me know when the other Bowie knife become available again. Sorry for taking up so much of your time but I feel it is so easy for people to complain and not enough people say when they have a good experience. I will DEFINITELY be buying from your company in the future and that is due to my experience with Haley. I truly do not have enough kind words for her. She followed up with an email with links to the new products I ordered and she could not have been more polite. Thank you for employing such great people.

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