Dark Elf Mens Outfit

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Antonius Leather Torso

A soldier often looks to strike at the heart of their enemy. Protect your chest with the Antonius Leather Torso. It is ideal for the smart warrior who is attending a medieval faire, historical convention, or role-playing activity.

Artax Leather Pauldrons

Be both imposing and properly armored for battle, stand tall with your shoulders squared and protected by the Artax Leather Pauldrons. Crafted from quality leather, these spaulders increase your defense for light combat and training.

Antonius Leather Tassets

An adventurer knows that armour is important when traveling. The Antonius Leather Tassets will protect the upper thighs from bandits or highwaymen. You can add a bit of historical detail to an outfit for a convention or LARP event.

Alistair Bracers

A great warrior should showcase their skill in battle by wearing proof of their prowess. The Alistair Bracers look as if they were created with dragon scales or forest leaves and are a great accessory for a convention or LARP event.

Sulla Leather Gauntlets – optional

A raging foe charges toward you. You grip your sword steadily and set a firm foothold. Their weapon clips your hand, but you calmly fend off the attack. Your hands remain unscathed, safely shielded by the Sulla Leather Gauntlets.

Gadaric Canvas Tunic

Worn since the times of the Romans, the tunic remained a popular garment up through the late medieval period. The Gadaric Canvas Tunic features a traditional design that is perfect for wearing alone or with a gambeson and armor.

Ketill Canvas Pants

Inspired by the Rus pants of the Vikings, the Ketill Canvas Pants come in a pattern that allows excellent freedom of movement. These baggy trousers fit loosely around the waist and upper leg before snugging tightly around the calf.

Aaron Canvas Cloak

Classic outerwear for the Renaissance fair or another historical re-enactment event, the Aaron Canvas Cloak comes in a traditional cut suitable for many different period characters. The medieval cloak features a large hood.

Mattis Belt – optional

With fine detailing fit for a variety of medieval inspired outfits, the Mattis Belt features a brass buckle, tip, and five blossom-shaped decorations. This belt is made of thick leather and available in multiple colors.

Jackboots by Haddocks – optional

A sturdy yet stylish shoe, the Haddock Jackboots are a fantastic addition to historical reenactment looks and suitable for wear during LARP events. Made of synthetic, weather-proof leather, these boots are ready for anything.


The Dark Elf Mens Outfit is perfect for fantasy assassins and warriors who like to stick to the shadows. This outfit includes the leather armour and clothing shown. Optional accessories include the belt and boots. Best of all, save 5 percent on the items in this fantasy armour outfit when you purchase them in this bundle.

Firstly, Beautifully detailed leather armour suits any elven soldier. The Antonius Leather Torso protects the torso. Then, the Artax Leather pauldrons are attached at the top of the shoulders. Likewise, the Antonius Leather Tassets are strapped onto the edges of the torso armour. The Alistair Bracers resemble leaves or scales, perfect for any fantasy warrior. These leather armour pieces come in red, green, and brown as well as black, so you can really make a look that is unique to you. Layered over the bracers are the Sulla Leather Gauntlets, which come in black and brown. These well-matched leather armour pieces all feature engraved detail.

Secondly, the clothing included creates a fantastic base for this and any other look. The long sleeve Gadaric Canvas Tunic and Ketill Canvas pants come in a variety of colors to choose from. Drape the Aaron Canvas Cloak over your shoulders and secure at the neck for an added touch of mystery.

Lastly, the optional accessories include the Mattis Belt and Haddock Jackboots. The Mattis Belt is great for attaching your own sword frogs, not included. Then, the Haddock Jackboots make this outfit ready to step into LARP battle or your next costuming event. Whether your character is a dark elf or other kind of fantasy warrior, the Dark Elf Mens Outfit makes a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Includes clothing and armour with optional accessories
  • Easy way to get a well-matched look
  • Save 5 percent on complete outfit
  • Great for LARP, reenactments, and faires

Here is what you get:

  • Antonius Leather Torso #MY100856
  • Artax Leather Pauldrons #MY100411
  • Antonius Leather Tassets #MY100855
  • Alistair Bracers #MY100853
  • Sulla Leather Gauntlets #MY100202
  • Gadaric Canvas Tunic #MY100108
  • Ketill Canvas Pants #MY100097
  • Aaron Canvas Cloak #MY100149

Optional Items:

  • Mattis Belt #MY100322
  • Haddock Jackboots #MY100256


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