Kendra Womens Armour Outfit

From: $575.00 $546.25

Kendra Ladies Cuirass

Kendra Gorget

Kendra Spaulders

Kendra Ladies Tassets

Kendra Ladies Bracers

Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps

Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps

Tenebra Armour Skirt

Heinrich Ankle Boots

The Kendra Womens Armour Outfit is perfect for any proud warrior women. This armour package includes all pieces of the Kendra leather armour by Mytholon. Optional accessories include the arm and leg wraps, suede skirt, and ankle boots. Best of all, you’ll save 5% when purchasing this armour as part of this bundle.

Firstly, the handcrafted Kendra leather armour includes the cuirass, goret, spaulders, tassets, and bracers. These thick leather armour pieces together create a cohesive look. It is especially suited to a feminine shape. The spiked, angled edges of the gorget, spaulders, and tassets give it a rugged fantasy look. Please note that the round belt is a separate piece and is not included.

Following the Kendra armour, add detail to the armoured outfit with the right accessories. The Tenebra Armour Skirt pairs well with the Kendra armour. It consists of several thick strips of suede attached to a wide waistband. Next, the Canvas Hamond Arm and Leg Wraps are versatile additions to any look. Here, they add extra detail worn under the bracers and around the shins. Finally, add the Heinrich Ankle Boots and be ready to venture out at your next LARP event or other fun costuming occasion.

Key Features:

  • Easy way to get a matching armoured look
  • Save 5% on entire outfit
  • Includes leather armour pieces and optional accessories
  • Great for LARP, cosplay and more

Included Kendra Leather Armour Pieces:

  • Ladies Cuirass #MY101018
  • Gorget #MY100862
  • Spaulders #MY100864
  • Ladies Tassets #MY101017
  • Ladies Bracers #MY100863

Optional Accessories:

  • Canvas Hamond Arm Wraps #MY100740
  • Canvas Hamond Leg Wraps #MY100742
  • Tenebra Armour Skirt #MY100353
  • Heinrich Ankle Boots #MY100515


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