Women's Peasant Clothing


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  • Aaron Canvas Cloak

    Aaron Canvas Cloak

    SKU: MY100149 $43.00$47.00 Add to Cart
  • Niko Mantle Cloak

    Niko Mantle Cloak

    SKU: MY100146 $38.00$40.00 Add to Cart
  • Aaron Wool Cloak

    Aaron Wool Cloak

    SKU: MY100706 $105.00 Add to Cart
  • Uma Canvas Dress

    Uma Canvas Dress

    SKU: MY100477 $48.00 Add to Cart
  • Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

    Ursula Light Cotton Skirt

    SKU: MY100358 $50.00$57.00 Add to Cart
  • Lea Canvas Bodice

    Lea Canvas Bodice

    SKU: MY100452 $21.00$23.00 Add to Cart
  • Archers Simple Hood

    Archers Simple Hood

    SKU: MCI-2302 $18.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Swordsman Shirt

    Medieval Swordsman Shirt

    SKU: MCI-2331 $40.00$45.00 Add to Cart
  • Bron Canvas Hood

    Bron Canvas Hood

    SKU: MY100263 $15.00$17.00 Add to Cart
  • Annabelle Bodice

    Annabelle Bodice

    SKU: MY100429 $25.00$27.00 Add to Cart
  • Ladies Faire Blouse

    Ladies Faire Blouse

    SKU: 101566 $34.00 Add to Cart
  • Muslin Underdress

    Muslin Underdress

    SKU: 100104 $55.00 Add to Cart
  • Kim Canvas Short Cloak

    Kim Canvas Short Cloak

    SKU: MY100150 $43.00 Add to Cart
  • Country Maid Overdress

    Country Maid Overdress

    SKU: 100126 $69.00 Add to Cart
  • Stefan Wool Beret

    Stefan Wool Beret

    SKU: MY100702 $15.00 Add to Cart
  • Alina Underdress

    Alina Underdress

    SKU: MY100126 $30.00$32.00 Add to Cart
  • Leandra Canvas Overdress

    Leandra Canvas Overdress

    SKU: MY100565 $32.00 Add to Cart
  • Claudia Blouse

    Claudia Blouse

    SKU: MY100125 $21.00$22.00 Add to Cart
  • Sarina Suede Bodice

    Sarina Suede Bodice

    SKU: MY100117 $75.00 Add to Cart
  • Essential Medieval Skirt

    Essential Medieval Skirt

    SKU: MCI-519 $45.00$55.00 Add to Cart
  • Valerie Canvas Blouse

    Valerie Canvas Blouse

    SKU: MY100575 $30.00$31.00 Add to Cart
  • Anna Canvas Skirt

    Anna Canvas Skirt

    SKU: MY100128 $30.00$32.00 Add to Cart
  • Carl Canvas Cloak

    Carl Canvas Cloak

    SKU: MY100265 $48.00 Add to Cart
  • Classic Medieval Skirt

    Classic Medieval Skirt

    SKU: SS-ESKIRT $45.00 Add to Cart
  • Lientje Canvas Apron Dress

    Lientje Canvas Apron Dress

    SKU: MY100459 $38.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Leather X Belt

    Leather X Belt

    SKU: MCI-2206 $18.90$37.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Faire Starter Kit

    Faire Starter Kit

    SKU: OUTFIT-M66 $111.15$114.95 Add to Cart
  • Elisa Canvas Blouse

    Elisa Canvas Blouse

    SKU: MY100558 $30.00 Add to Cart
  • Ragi Fur Cap

    Ragi Fur Cap

    SKU: MY100329 $27.00 Add to Cart
  • Wilma Wool Dress

    Wilma Wool Dress

    SKU: MY100701 $77.00$87.00 Add to Cart
  • Carmen Blouse

    Carmen Blouse

    SKU: MY100124 $18.00$19.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Priestess Dress

    Priestess Dress

    SKU: MCI-2344 $45.00$60.00 Add to Cart
  • Marita Underdress

    Marita Underdress

    SKU: MY100127
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  • Farmer's Skirt With Shawl

    Farmer’s Skirt With Shawl

    SKU: MCI-232 $60.00$75.00 Add to Cart
  • Jadwiga Ladies Loafers

    Jadwiga Ladies Loafers

    SKU: MY100953
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  • Felice Blouse

    Felice Blouse

    SKU: MY100438 $23.00$24.00 Add to Cart
  • Ursula Canvas Bodice

    Ursula Canvas Bodice

    SKU: MY100985
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  • Lucy Padded Suede Bodice

    Lucy Padded Suede Bodice

    SKU: MY100119 $74.00$75.00 Add to Cart
  • Reversible Peasant Bodice

    Reversible Peasant Bodice

    SKU: DC1051
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    $45.00 Add to Cart
  • Aurelius Cotton Robe

    Aurelius Cotton Robe

    SKU: MY100556 $56.00 Add to Cart

Peasants made up most of medieval society, so their livelihoods and styles of dress were quite varied. We offer an incredible variety of womens peasant clothing here, and much of it works phenomenally well for any sort of medieval, Renaissance, or fantasy look. Get the full look of a medieval peasant maiden with a medieval chemise, canvas peasant gown, and a lace-up medieval bodice. Put together your own unique outfit with our peasant blouses and skirts. Then add an extra layer of coverage or warmth with a medieval peasant cloak, an essential item in any wardrobe. Whether you are going for an authentic peasant look or new essentials to bulk up your reenactment, Renaissance fair, theatrical, or LARP wardrobe, you are sure to find the proper clothing piece here.

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