Ready For Battle Cape

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There are so many uses for a cloak or a cape that it is staggering. And luckily, this Ready for Battle Cape fills them all quite nicely, ensuring that you not only get a comfortable garment, but also a stylish one that has more than a few neat little uses. First and foremost among a capes many uses is style. So many costumes and styles just look cooler with capes, and this garment does not disappoint in that regard. But a cape can also add an extra layer to your garment, giving you a quick fix in those colder months when you might need a bit more fabric to keep you warm between battles. Plus, a cape has flare and movement to your costume, which not only adds a bit of dynamic style to your ensemble but also possibly serves as a new flare in combat (a spinning and swirling cape is very dramatic, and when done properly, very cool). And best of all, this cape is available in several different sizes and four different colors, ensuring that both kids and adults of all ages and sizes can enjoy a nice cape whenever they like (and in the color they like, too)! The cape is made from quality thin cotton and is designed to be worn in all seasons. It features a full hood and secures by tying around the neck. The question is not what costume could use a cape, but rather, what costume could not use a cape? And with this Ready for Battle Cape, every medieval and fantasy styled look you own can benefit from the great style that a new cape adds.

As these are hand-made, the color of these capes can vary slightly from what is shown here.

Key Features:

  • An Extremely Versatile and Effective Design
  • Looks Great with Many Different Looks
  • A High Quality Garment
  • Features A Full Hood
  • Ties Around the Neck


  • Made of light cotton

Overall LengthHood HeightHood DepthNeck
Kids (Ages 6-10)36 inches15 inches11 inches18 inches
X-Small/Small38 inches15 inches11.5 inches20 inches
Medium/Large48 inches17.5 inches12.25 inches24 inches
X-Large/XX-Large54 inches18.25 inches12.75 inches25.5 inches

12 reviews for Ready For Battle Cape

  1. Kyle N.

    Seemed a tad longer than i was expecting, but overall, i was very pleased with it.

  2. Dean C.

    Cut shorter on the sides than the back, and being lighter in weight, plus very affordable, make this a nice cape to put over a set of armor. Not as thick as some of the other capes it is still tough and durable. Looks very cool.

  3. Cody T.

    Arrived quickly with no problems. It’s the cheapest cloak you will find that isn’t a Halloween costume. The ties for it seem a little less than durable but the cloak itself seems pretty tough, wrapping it around yourself can give some warmth and help against wind. Great for the price

  4. Kristen B.

    My 11 year old son loves this cape. He wears it quite a bit-would wear it to school if he could! He has the brown color & it is a nice, deep chocolate brown. He really loves that is is not a “full circle” cape—it has just enough fabric to wrap around him, but not so much extra in the front that it gets in the way. It is well made & the fabric is of medium weight.

  5. Andrew C.

    The cape I bought was exactly what I was hoping for. It is sturdy, great looking, and fits well, I’ve already decided to buy more from this site.

  6. Jason M.

    Light, good color, easy to wear and it looks great.

  7. John D.

    Partial Order Fulfillment.

  8. Emil C.

    I purchased a medium, brown version of this.
    The shape and size were wonderful. The color was a bit darker than it appears on the site. However, other than that, I was deeply pleased with the product.

  9. Joseph K.

    I purchased a small, dark red cloak and it fits my 9-year-old pretty well (she is tall for her age). It looks really sharp and can complement a variety of looks since you can wear it with the hood up or down. Lightweight but sturdy. For how much I spent, it’s amazing. Will be buying one for myself sometime soon.

  10. John Mayhew (verified owner)

    Purchased for 8yo to go with his witcher costume. Nice quality and design hangs great.

  11. csuedmeyer (verified owner)

    I absolutely am in love with this product. Got a large version because I wanted it longer. It is incredible. Very lightweight, and for the price you can’t beat it. Superb quality also as it is an epic armory piece.

  12. Richard Eldredge (verified owner)

    Ordered XL. Exactly as advertised, which is what I hoped for and expected. That’s always good! Light but sturdy cotton. Fits well. Looks good. A good value!

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