RFB Arthur Cape

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On the run from bandits who hoped to ransom you to the king, you avoid the villages and roads, entering the woods instead. Your RFB Arthur Cape works well as camouflage in the overgrown forest, so long as you avoid any wild beasts. The RFB Arthur Cape is an ankle-length cape, fitted with a hood and cotton-strap fastenings. This design is meant to offer the greatest degree of protection from the elements while still being lightweight and comfortable. This cape makes a great accessory if you need to add layering to your costume, as capes have become synonymous with medieval and fantasy clothing. Capes are also highly practical in limiting the impact of wind, rain, or sun. The RFB Arthur Cape is a classic cut and will be usable by any character in any game world, allowing freedom when customizing equipment for your characters. Secure the cape around the neck by tying the cotton straps. Made from comfortable light cotton, this cape is easily made water resistant with a treatment at home.

Key Features:

  • Versatile hooded cape
  • Classic ankle-length design
  • A Ready for Battle Line Accessory
  • Lightweight fabric for year-round comfort
  • Secures with cotton strap ties at the neck
  • Great for Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy events


  • Made from light cotton

Overall LengthHood HeightHood Depth
6-10 Years47 inches17.5 inches15.75 inches
Small/Medium55 inches17.5 inches15.75 inches
Large/X-Large61 inches18.75 inches16.75 inches

4 reviews for RFB Arthur Cape

  1. Phil W.

    Very good quality and the construction of the item was very good for the price. Will be getting another one soon.

  2. Sorrel O.

    I was really worried about the length and whether or not it would cover my chest. Many others seem to not be short-person friendly or have extremely small chest measurements. I’m 5’0″ with a 40″ bust so I bought the small/medium with my fingers crossed. It fits wonderfully. It just barely grazes the ground in the back if I’m standing barefoot, but it’ll be another inch off the ground when I’m wearing shoes. The fabric is nice and lightweight, too, so I’ll be able to use it during the summer months as well.

  3. rjohnston79 (verified owner)

    Good quality, and light enough for summer wear. Fit is perfect too

  4. Cambo (verified owner)

    Looks amazing!

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