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The Medieval Hooded Cloak is available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your needs. This cloak is made of 100% cotton and the hood is lined in satin. The Medieval Hooded Cloak is very affordable and goes well with any medieval outfit. The Medieval Hooded Cloak can be worn by both men and women.

Key Features:

  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Great For medieval reenactments and renaissance fairs
  • Simple design goes with any look
  • Can be worn by men or women

Care Instructions:

  • Cotton fabric is not pre-shrunk. It is recommended that this garment be washed in cold water and hung up to dry.

ChestOverall LengthHood HeightHood DepthShoulder to Shoulder
Small36 inches59 inches16.75 inches15 inches16 inches
Medium38 inches61 inches17.5 inches15 inches18 inches
Large41 inches63 inches19.25 inches15 inches19 inches
X-Large44 inches64.5 inches19.25 inches16 inches20 inches
XX-Large48 inches65.5 inches19.5 inches16 inches21 inches
XXX-Large52 inches66 inches19.5 inches16 inches22 inches

9 reviews for Medieval Hooded Cloak

  1. Terre D.

    My son was very excited to get this for Christmas. He said it is perfect, is heavy enough to fall to the floor with just the right amount of weight, but not too heavy to make wearing it become hot. Not flimsy like some material might be.

  2. Vickie W.

    This gift was for my nephew. He’s been wearing it ever since. I did have to shorten it by lift the hem and hope he grows into it. There wasn’t a smaller size unless you went to the youth and I though he would grow out of that one too soon.

  3. Richard K.

    Love this site. Your service is excellent And I will continue to buy from here.

  4. Ruth W.

    This is a simple but sturdy cloak. The material is basic cotton with no lining except for the hood. However, the material is thick and durable, and feels like it would provide ample protection from the wind. Being cotton, I wouldn’t recommend this cloak for inclement weather, but against simple wind and cold, it should work quite well.

  5. Damian K.

    This cloak is amazing. The fabric has a nice, strong feel to it and it has some weight to it but not enough to make wearing it cumbersome. I love the design as well, this cloak can easily give you a foreboding presence. I have no doubt this cloak will see a ton of use.

    One suggestion, be sure to measure your height from your shoulder’s down, I neglected to do this and ordered a size larger than needed. An easy fix by raising the hem but it’s a good note to make


    Got the grey one for my father’s Gandalf outfit. It’s great, the cloth is durable with a good weight, it drapes well off his frame without being too heavy or hot. Very well made.

  7. Caroline W.

    I’ll admit that I had serious doubts this cloak was going to satisfy my expectations, but I’m very happy to report that it did. This is a real deal, legit cloak. The quality of the material is enough that you won’t have to worry about it falling apart like lesser cloaks bought from costume shops. I was initially worried about the size I ordered, but my expectations were exceeded on that front as well. For context, I’m currently 5’11, 253 lbs (not a small guy). I ordered the XL fearing it wouldn’t be tall enough or big enough to impress. While wearing shoes, the cloak just barely clears the floor by about 1 or 2 millimeters. The cloak completely closes in the front with plenty of fabric to spare (I can completely wrap myself in it and still have enough fabric left to throw over one shoulder). And the hood, which initially didn’t look impressive from the provided pictures, is so big that if I put it all the way on, it completely covers my head and face all the way down to my chin. Honestly, keeping the hood from covering too much of my face is the only drawback, and even that’s not a negative. I’m very, very happy with this purchase.

  8. KJB (verified owner)

    Love this cloak, great quality and looks fantastic. The length is great, I’m 5’9″ and got a medium. The hem is just at the ground. It flows very nicely while walking and making dramatic turns. Not super heavy but it’s warm enough. Probably not very good for cold winter days but is great for fall weather.

  9. silmerae (verified owner)

    Probably the nicest cloak I’ve ever owned! I stand 6’5” with a 50 inch chest, and most cloaks and capes won’t close in the front. This cloak wraps comfortably around and closes completely! I ordered the XXL, and the length is perfect. It clears the ground by maybe an inch or two. The weight of the cloth is ideal, not being too heavy, yet very durable. It does come with tie strings, which I’m not fond of, but that was simply fixed with the Siobhan clasp, which added a touch of class to an already stately cloak.
    I wore this all day as part of a wizard outfit at the Pa Renaissance Faire, and I couldn’t be more content with the quality, comfort, and durability. Looking forward to getting another, in a different color, to add to my options. Well worth the money!

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