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Once upon a time, cloaks were all the rage. Transport yourself back to that time with our Bron Canvas Cloak, featuring a classic and versatile design sure to complement the style of any LARP or medieval-inspired wardrobe. Made of a sturdy cotton material, the Bron Canvas Cloak features a high neck with a single button at the front for securing the cloak in place. Available in a variety of colors, this is sure to become a staple for any avid fans of historical reenactment. Slits on the side of the garment make it easy to withdraw your hands while still remaining cozy inside the cloak, and a slit in the back allows for comfortable movement and an easy, flowing style.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Cloak features wide cut and high collar
  • Fastens with single button at the front of the neck
  • Features slits in the side for easy use of hands
  • Slit in the back allows for increased mobility


  • Made of cotton canvas

This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown.

Overall LengthNeck CircumferenceBottom Circumference
One Size51.2 inches22 inches60.6 inches

5 reviews for Bron Canvas Cloak

  1. Garrett F.

    A very versatile cloak, the slits in the sides and back of course allow for freedom of movement for the legs and arms, but I’ve also found that if you want to wear both a cloak and a sword, the slits on the sides and back accommodate this match perfectly. A sword resting in a leather frog at the hip can be drawn through the side slit with ease, and is given room to protrude out the back.
    Works well in the rain too, as I found out first hand. Kept me feeling relatively dry, and with myself standing at roughly 5′ 6″, the Bron Canvas Cloak rested several inches above the ground, effectively avoiding being dragged through the mud, though the bottom of my boots did bush it occasionally which soiled parts of the rim.
    Overall, it’s a good cloak that out-performs others of similar size, though it should be noted to first time shoppers here that a cloak worn “closed” will overshadow most of your outfit underneath, so keep that in mind when selecting other items for your ensemble.

  2. Kevin K.

    Like everything else Mytholon makes the quality on the Bron Canvas Cloak is really good. It heavy and protects from the elements and with the side slits it allows for easy in and out of your arms from underneath the cloak. I am 6′ 3″ and it went down to about my ankles.

  3. edwardlsomers (verified owner)

    I’m 5’10 and 145 lbs. with a swimmers’ build. Chose to purchase the cloak and matching cape as separates for flexibility of dress and to avoid a delay in shipping. Heavy, canvas feeling material. Very substantial. Sewn well. Note that it is NOT UV stabilized, and will fade outdoors over time.

    As an ensemble, it hangs evenly and rests about 5″ above ground. Walking and turning are effortless, but I did note the cloak tended to catch on my toe as I went up a flight of stairs. Shortening the length about 1″ will take care of that. I also plan to move the button and button-hole each slightly outward so the neck closes a bit tighter. It’s sized for a person slightly larger of frame than I, so this is quite an acceptable adjustment.

    It is warm to wear in the 70 degree temps we were having. Wonderful for chilly nights 40 – 70F, but probably taxing in strong sun with a warmer temp. It’s not insulated winter wear, but the layering will retain warmth.

    A good product with a nice, and simple, presentation.

  4. Carl Juchem (verified owner)

    Perfect cloak for my Christopher Lee as Dracula costume. Very high quality

  5. nils.olson (verified owner)

    These cloaks are very versatile and work with a variety of different outfits, they have slits for your arms and a slit down the bag so your legs don’t get constricted while walking.

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