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Medieval Collectibles carries many different styles of leather arm and wrist bracers that will compliment your outfit and keep your forearms protected. Our leather arm bracers are designed to protect the wrist and forearm.

All arm bracers, leather wrist bracers, and forearm guards are sold as a pair. Our leather arm armor is handmade and crafted from top-quality leather. We use 13–15 ounce armor-grade leather and 7–8 ounce LARP-grade leather. For SCA, 13–15 ounce leather is required, and our 7–8 ounce leather is best for LARP and theater productions. Several of our leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers are sold as a pair. Some of our leather arm bracers are SCA approved while others are made for costume use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Bracers Used For?

Bracers were typically worn by archers to protect the inside of their arm when shooting. Bracers are different from vambraces, which are forearm guards connected to gauntlets and part of steel plate armors. The arm bracer was usually made of leather or stone. Nowadays, bracer armor is also crafted using plastic.

What Types of Leather Is Good for Bracers?

The best type of leather to use for bracers, armor, and battle accessories is armor-grade leather. Our arm guards and wrist bracers use 7–8 ounce leather, which is ideal for live action role-playing games. For SCA reenactments, the 13–15 ounce of leather should be used for bracers.

How to Tie Leather Bracers?

Arms guards or wrist bracers can be easy or difficult to wear depending on whether they use buckles or laces. Buckles are easy enough to tie by yourself, but laces often present a challenge. The best way to tie the laces is to ask another person for help; otherwise, you can tie them by holding one lace with your teeth while you bind the other with your free hand. Some people use lace locks to make the job easier.

Why Medieval Collectibles?

If you’re looking for a wide selection of historical costumes, weaponry, decorations, and accessories, we’ve got a massive collection for your different needs. We have over a hundred arm bracers to choose from, not to mention an entire collection of historically accurate leather armors, steel plate armors, chain mails, and clothing from different eras. If historical accuracy is not your goal, we have options for you too.

Our commitment to providing the best quality products means we only choose merchandise with the highest level of craftsmanship and details. Browse our collections for the perfect getup for your next LARP event, reenactment, Renaissance fair, or costume party!

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