Sword Lover Gift Guide

Sword Lover Gift Guide

Do you have a sword lover in your life? Not sure what to get them? We have the gift guide for you! Here, we offer you a wide range of swords, maintenance items, and display pieces. They come in a wide range of price points. From under $20 to over $200, there is sure to be an item for your sword lover in this gift guide. There are many swords for you to check out. We have divided our recommended swords into East and West, and functional versus decorative.

No matter what kind of sword style that your special someone prefers, we are sure to have something that they will enjoy. From the Crusades to fantasy, there are all sorts of aesthetics that our swords fit into. Don’t see something in our guide that is just right? We provide links to various sword categories so you can continue your search further. Of course, part of the fun of giving a gift is seeing it all wrapped up. If you don’t like wrapping gifts or you aren’t sure how to wrap a sword, no worries! We offer gift wrapping for $6 on most items. Do you need to send this across the country? You can check out our ordering page for more info.

Eastern Swords

Firstly, we feature a range of Eastern-style swords, like katanas, wakazashis, tantos, and more. All of the swords suggested here are either functional or decorative. This allows you to pick what will best suit your needs. Here, we have some of our most popular Eastern swords and sword sets.

European Swords

Next, there are plenty of European or western-style swords to choose from. Our selection ranges from the styles of the ancient Romans and Greeks to the mercenaries of the late Middle Ages and the swords of pirates. The medieval period was the high point of swords and we have the weapons to match. From bastard swords to Templar swords, there are a lot of options for you.

Sword Maintenance

Of course, if your sword lover already has a sword or sword collection, you can help them maintain their favorite piece or pieces. Maintenance is important for holding onto any sword for the long term. We have sword sharpeners for keeping that edge. We also have sword oils, waxes, and polishes to help prevent rusting and keep a nice shine on your sword.

Of course, if you have a favorite sword, you will want to put it on display. When it comes to showing off your preferred blade, we have a lot of options to choose from. We have sword hangers, plaques, and stands. Each one will allow you to feature your weapon in style. They come in a variety of aesthetics, from simple to ornate, perfect for accenting your sword.

If you still don’t know what to give them, you can always give them the gift of choice. With one of our gift cards, you can let them pick out their perfect gift. The gift cards come in a range of prices. When it comes to swords, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to choose. We hope that this Sword Lover’s Gift Guide has helped you get some ideas on what to give any fan of the blade.

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