White Dragon Katana

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As you rush through the forest to your destination, you keep your eyes peeled for any enemy. You hold the White Dragon Katana out, ready to fight. Hand forged from carbon steel, this sword is fully functional. It features the curved blade typical of Japanese swords. Along the blades spine is a fuller. It also has a visible hamon. The full tang blade enters into the handle at a gold-colored tsuba. A dragon design adorns this tsuba. The dragon motif continues with the white, intricately detailed handle. It has a dragon curled around the handle with a dragon head for a pommel. Also, there is a red pin in the center of the handle. Finally, the sword comes with a black scabbard. Add this ornate sword to your reenactment armoury or sword collection. The White Dragon Katana looks great on display in your home or office.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Fuller along blade
  • Intricately detailed
  • Dragon motif
  • Great for reenactments or competitions


  • Hand forged from carbon steel

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade Thickness
One Size43 inches27.8 inches0.3 inch

1 review for White Dragon Katana

  1. baekhomartialarts (verified owner)

    Very Nice Quality. The blade looks supreme. The four star vs a five star rating:

    1.) The red synthetic gem is not polished, had tiny plastic “strings” I cut.
    2.) The end of the dragon’s nose looked like it has been scuffed on the floor. The grip/handle/dragon design LOOKS beautiful and very intricately detailed, however feels more like heavy plastic.
    3.) When considering the overall LOOK of the item, the sheath, hanging rope, gold accents, and the gem really CHEAPEN the look of the katana. HOWEVER that being said, it still came very nicely wrapped, the blade slides in and out of the sheath as well as “locks in” with no catches. The blade itself is worth the price.
    4.) I still give this a 4 star, as it is definitely FULLY FUNCTIONAL as of now. If the “cheap look” transitions into really being a lesser quality, (as in the grips ends up coming apart from the blade or etc., I will write another review.) So far I have used it multiple times and it is very nice to handle. PLEASE NOTE: this is probably one of the heavier katanas I have wielded.

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