Maintz Pattern Gladius

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The Roman Army’s approach to warfare was direct and pragmatic. It chose the Gladius as its principal sidearm because it was practical and efficient and excelled in any close combat situation. The early Gladius (our version is the Maintz pattern) was wasp waisted with a long point that combined cutting power and stabbing ability in one handy weapon. This is the sword that helped the Romans conquer most of the known world. This model is made of high carbon steel. Originals were excavated from the ruins of Pompeii. You can see examples in H. Russell Robinsons book What The Soldiers Wore On Hadrians Wall. The image shows the Maintz Pattern shown with faux ivory grip and ornate brass applique on the scabbard.

Made by Windlass.

Key Features:

  • A functional sword – battle ready
  • Faux Ivory Grip
  • Includes a matching scabbard
  • Great for Re-enacting and Collecting


  • Made from 1065 High Carbon Steel

Care Instructions:

Overall LengthBlade LengthBlade WidthWeight
One Size28 inches19.5 inches2.25 inches2 pounds 6 ounces

2 reviews for Maintz Pattern Gladius

  1. miatamani (verified owner)

    The Mainz Gladius from Medeival Collectibles surprised me when it arrived. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But very quickly it became obvious that great care was taken in it’s design and construction. Blade is nearly 1/4 of an inch thick at the hilt. The metal smithing is excellent. The shape of the blade comports very closely o pictures of real gladii. Scabbard is genuine leather and brass. There are no plastic or synthetic parts anywhere on this item except for the faux ivory handle, and we all know why that can’t be “the real thing”. This is a solid piece that could also be used as a formidable weapon. There is no edge (liability issues here I am sure) but there is no reason an edge could not be applied by a person with the knowledge and tools. Very much worth the money and absolutely stunning to look at. I can’t think of any reason not to give this piece 5 stars.

  2. jefortin (verified owner)

    Beautifully made sword and extremely well balanced another outstanding product from windlass and medieval collectibles.

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