Choose your Medieval Footwear

Choose Your Medieval Footwear

When you want to finish off your medieval or fantasy outfit, you should remember your medieval footwear. Here at Medieval Collectibles, there are a lot of medieval footwear options for you to choose from. We hope to help you navigate these options and help you figure out what is best for your costume or ensemble as you choose your medieval footwear.

The first question you should ask yourself when choosing the right boot or medieval shoe is how historically correct you want your footwear to be. Some shoes are going to have more historically correct materials and construction than others. What you choose is up to you; however, if you are needing shoes for a particular reenactment group, it may be wise to check with your organization first before choosing your footwear.

Choose your Medieval Footwear

Main Materials

One of the biggest differences between one pair of medieval boots or shoes and the next pair is the main material. Footwear will come in either natural or synthetic materials. Natural materials such as leather and suede are more historically accurate. The Einhard Boots are a great example of boots with a leather construction. Leather, when properly taken care of, can last for decades or longer. Synthetic materials include faux leather such as polyurethane and faux suede such as microfiber. Faux leather can be easier to take care of on a day-to-day basis as it doesn’t require the conditioning of real leather. Synthetic materials can also allow for a greater array of aesthetic options. This is useful for fantasy characters where historical accuracy is not as necessary as fulfilling a particular look. What kind of material that you choose for your medieval footwear will depend on your personal preferences and aesthetic.

Sole Materials

Just like the main body of a boot or shoe, the sole of the shoe can come in different materials. Leather is one of the more historically accurate materials for shoe and boot soles. The previously mentioned Einhard Boots are a pair of historically based footwear that feature leather soles. Meanwhile, many other boots have rubber soles. Rubber soles can provide greater grip and traction than leather soles. Also, they can be more comfortable. The Jackboots by Haddocks and the Villager Boots are two popular boots that feature rubber soles.


If you are needing shoes that are more historically accurate, then another factor that you will need to look at is the footwear’s construction. A couple of medieval construction methods include stitching and nailing. Shoe soles were often nailed into place, while the rest of the shoe was stitched. The popular Raimund Boots as well as the Einhard Boots both feature a nailed sole. Many other shoes and boots that we offer have stitched bodies but a more modern sole construction. More modernly constructed shoes will have a sole glued onto its body.

How it Fastens

One of the main considerations for choosing your medieval footwear is how you plan to put it on. Are you looking for zippers, buttons, laces, or buckles? We offer medieval shoes and boots with all of these different fasteners. Fasteners such as laces, buttons or toggles, and buckles are great for truly medieval and Renaissance aesthetics. They can also fit other historical looks as well. The Einhard Boots feature laces, while the Early Medieval Viking Boots have buttons, and the Jackboots by Haddocks have buckles. You can also choose to wear boots or shoes with zippers. The popular Robin Hood Boots have zippers. Zippers make it easy and quick to pull on and take off your boots at the end of the day at a Renaissance faire or another medieval event.


You will of course want to pay attention to the sizing. All of our shoes are standard US sizes for both men’s and women’s medieval footwear. They do not come in wide or narrow, so you may wish to size up if you have wider feet. Also, you may wish to choose between tall boots, ankle boots, or shoes depending on your character’s aesthetic. For example, if your character spends more time in a medieval or fantasy town, they may prefer to wear a pair of shoes. However, if they go on many rugged adventures, then they may prefer to wear boots. It depends on what you want for your character.

There are many medieval boots and shoes on sale here at Medieval Collectibles. Regardless of what medieval footwear you choose, we hope to help you understand more about the options available. Whether you want leather or rubber soles, footwear with zippers or buckles, make sure that you check out the footwear we offer here.


Video – Men’s Medieval Footwear

The mens period footwear here at Medieval Collectibles offers a fantastic assortment of medieval shoes and Renaissance boots for your historical wardrobe. These period shoes include everything from medieval leather boots to Roman gladiator sandals to Viking boots to moccasins. Our mens historical boots and shoes come in many different styles and sizes, ensuring that you can find something to meet your needs whether you are heading to a Renaissance fair, dressing up for Halloween, or creating an authentic ensemble for the theater.

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